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More Science Stuff

I subscribe to NewScientist.com and I just received this little item in my email.

More of your tax dollars at work supporting the military-industrial-congressional-complex. Apparently the MICC is the only place where native born American citizen engineers can get a job. Well, the demand is there.

Float Like a Butterfly

Liver Regeneration

Now for my transhuman part of today. The following is an article concerning liver regeneration and how it could be a substitute for embrionic stem cell research. The liver is the only organ in the human body(I believe) that can actually grow and regenerate itself. Why is that? If the process can be understood, other cells could be “tricked” into behaving like liver cells and enable organ regeneration for various body functions, re; heart, lungs, spleen…you get the idea.

Liver Regeneration Easier Than Thought?

I like this idea, my liver takes a beating from all of the various meds I take to keep my dog-arse alive. I take a blood test every three months to test my liver functions. It would be nice if an advanced method came along and let me regrow my liver from my own cells if I have to. It could save alot of lives. Just think of all the taxpaying citizens it could save! You paying attention Big Brother?

Biden States The Obvious

From the WaPo(Washington Post):

Biden Says Bush’s Iraq Policy Doomed

It never ceases to amaze me that politicians running for high office have a flair for stating the obvious, or the absurd.

Biden’s a Democrat, and I’m a registered Democrat. But c’mon, say something at least a little original. Like maybe, “Surge this!”. Sorry. Just my werewolf splice showing.

Read the article:


Bu$h Administration’s Dept. of “Justice” and the wise spending of taxpayer money

Here’s a little tid-bit I picked up at Kevin Drum’s Washington Monthy:

THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN….The New York Times, in a genuine act of public service, has conducted an investigation into voter fraud. Republicans claim it’s rampant, and the only way to stop it is via strict voter ID laws that — purely by coincidence — happen to have the effect of reducing turnout among several traditionally Democratic constituencies. So what’s the score? By 2005, four years after John Ashcroft had changed Department of Justice guidelines to streamline prosecutions, how much voter fraud had DOJ dug up?

This is a relatively unbroadcast issue concerning the Bu$h DOJ. I believe just from reading the article this dovetails nicely with Abu Gonzo and his merry band of Regents University educated lawyers. Hmmmm….

Connect with Kevin and see for yourself:


A Literary Great Enters A Higher Dimension

I never was a Kurt Vonnegut fan, but in a weird way I understand his views on life because I lived some of that strange twisted stuff he wrote about.

I think we all have at one time or another.



This is one for my tin foil hat audience:

Was Kurt Vonnegut A 9/11 Truther?

The more I learn about Vonnegut, the more I relate to the guy.

From tin foil hat Alex Jone’s House:


Luv it!

The heirs of Trotsky and Strauss

For my first post, I’m linking to a progressive blog, White Noise Insanity.

It’s mistress is KayInMaine, a hard-nose progressive who doesn’t take crap from any neocon, politician or otherwise.

Thanks for the inspiration Kay.


Who are the fascists blaming? 


Hello Universe!

Greetings humans, I am your transhuman host, dad2059. Transhuman as in a human being who’s life has been extended and improved by medical science with natural or artificial devices. In my case it was a five-way bypass surgery on my heart, but I digress. My goal here is to entertain, educate, debate, discuss issues such as politics, science, religion, conspiracy theories and science fiction. With education, maybe we can make a slight difference and make the 21st century what it’s supposed to be; an ideal for the future.