Biden States The Obvious

From the WaPo(Washington Post):

Biden Says Bush’s Iraq Policy Doomed

It never ceases to amaze me that politicians running for high office have a flair for stating the obvious, or the absurd.

Biden’s a Democrat, and I’m a registered Democrat. But c’mon, say something at least a little original. Like maybe, “Surge this!”. Sorry. Just my werewolf splice showing.

Read the article:

2 responses

  1. I believe it’s the latest Bloomberg poll that shows only 6% of those questioned thought that Senator Biden would be the best choice for President to end America’s involvement in Iraq. Biden has been speaking out intelligently against this fiasco for years and is someone that has actually put forth a plan that makes sense to alot of people. Divide the country into 3 regions with some form of a central govt. watchdog in place.

    His 6% in the poll is just another sign of the American public being woefully uninformed on the issues. The media is so obsessed & captivated with the beauty contest between Queen Hillary and “Raback O Rama” that the other candidates are lucky to ever have their names mentioned (unless they or a member of their family comes down with a disease or maybe travels to North Korea. How much coverage of the John Edwards campaign was there before his wife’s cancer announcement? What have you heard about Edwards since then? How about Bill Richardson? Even his trip to North Korea to help defuse an issue the Bush administration has consistently refused to deal with has gotten him scant coverage in the press. But if Hillary declares which baseball team she’s rooting for tomorrow it’s the lead story on CNN & MSNBC.

  2. Good observation Mike, Biden definately lacks in the media recognition department. His realistic views on the Iraq War and possible solutions(three regions)have drawn fire from the DC talking bobbleheads, neocons and Democrats alike.

    Conventional wisdom says that the market determines what the media broadcasts to the public now-a-days. I think it does to a certain extent, but media “darlings” ala Hillary and Obama have that “predetermined” feel to it at times.

    Just my tin foil hat observation.

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