Bu$h Administration’s Dept. of “Justice” and the wise spending of taxpayer money

Here’s a little tid-bit I picked up at Kevin Drum’s Washington Monthy:

THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN….The New York Times, in a genuine act of public service, has conducted an investigation into voter fraud. Republicans claim it’s rampant, and the only way to stop it is via strict voter ID laws that — purely by coincidence — happen to have the effect of reducing turnout among several traditionally Democratic constituencies. So what’s the score? By 2005, four years after John Ashcroft had changed Department of Justice guidelines to streamline prosecutions, how much voter fraud had DOJ dug up?

This is a relatively unbroadcast issue concerning the Bu$h DOJ. I believe just from reading the article this dovetails nicely with Abu Gonzo and his merry band of Regents University educated lawyers. Hmmmm….

Connect with Kevin and see for yourself:


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