Liver Regeneration

Now for my transhuman part of today. The following is an article concerning liver regeneration and how it could be a substitute for embrionic stem cell research. The liver is the only organ in the human body(I believe) that can actually grow and regenerate itself. Why is that? If the process can be understood, other cells could be “tricked” into behaving like liver cells and enable organ regeneration for various body functions, re; heart, lungs, spleen…you get the idea.

Liver Regeneration Easier Than Thought?

I like this idea, my liver takes a beating from all of the various meds I take to keep my dog-arse alive. I take a blood test every three months to test my liver functions. It would be nice if an advanced method came along and let me regrow my liver from my own cells if I have to. It could save alot of lives. Just think of all the taxpaying citizens it could save! You paying attention Big Brother?

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  1. My liver also produces too many triglycerides, caused by a gene that is common in Native Americans. Explains my type 2 diabetes also.

    If I eat anything other than venison, rabbit, what rabbits eat and corn tortillas, my liver turns everything I eat in my blood to sludge basically.

    I hope they find something soon.

  2. Very cool Dad about liver regeneration and how other cells can be tricked to act like the liver.

    Your blog is looking great by the way, Dad! Good job. Fun getting your thoughts out there, huh?

  3. Thanks Kay. That’s a compliment coming from you. I have to thank Christopher, he’s the one who kept at me about it, so I set it up last night and I spent the day tweeking it.

    Pretty cool. Gotta go back to work tomorrow, but tomorrow is Science Friday!

    Yeah, I stole the idea from NPR, have to think of another name.

  4. Dad, so cool that you are Native American. What tribe?

    Ditto, this is a great article and I’m still reading it. I dig this stuff!

  5. Mirthy:

    I’m glad you guys stop by, it’s nice having seasoned blog vets give me compliments *blushing**aww shucks*.

    I had a great-grandfather on my dad’s side of the family who was Native American, don’t know what tribe, I’m trying to track him down.

    But on my mother’s side, I had a great-grandmother who was full-blooded Kikipoo from the Mississippi River Valley tribes (Fox, Sauk, Mound Builders). She was born in 1881 and was part of a forced migration East that tried to take Native American children and educate them to be “white”. My grandmother when she was alive told me about her and I did my own research.

    The Kikipoo Tribe is almost extinct, they only have a couple of hundred members, if that.

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