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Space Stuff

This is a subject near and dear to me. I remember the Gemini launches and Apollo moon trips on TV when I was a kid. I loved it so much that my mother bought me a whole series of science books about it. I still have the books to this day, tucked away somewhere. The Apollo moon landings was the pinnacle of American science and technology at the time. Schools weren’t afraid to teach math, biology, chemistry and physics. The people NASA hired had Bachelors’ Degrees in said subjects and had an extrordinary amount of common sense mechanics. Of course this all in response to the Soviets launching Sputnik in 1957 and Uri Gagarin in 1961, which in fact the 46th anniversary of that was this week.

Americans today could care less about space programs. They care even less about taking the subjects that are required to get jobs in the aerospace industry period. What few engineers we are producing today work for the military industrial complex, re war; bombs, jets, missiles, etc. Our present administration spoke mighty words about space exploration and going to the moon and Mars, but where the rubber meets the road, the money just isn’t there. But there’s lots of money going to contractors making spy satellites, satellite killers, orbital lasers, space launched missiles and magnetic rail guns.*sigh*

Why is it that great advances in technology come from finding new ways to kill people and other living things?

NASA Chief: Civil Space of Strategic Importance

U.S. Military to Put Internet Router in Space

Space ‘Tsunamis’ Found Near Earth  This is a scary one here! Remember the movie “Core”?

Friday Science Class

I am trying to assign parts of my blog certain days of the week where I dedicate one theme, re Fridays shall be dedicated to science issues. It’s my firm belief that Americans are sorely lacking in rudimentary knowledge of even basic science, which is embarrassing and unacceptable. Hopefully my small efforts in passing along some information will bear fruit. I subscribe to NewScientist.com, so most of the articles are linked to them.

I read this little item yesterday on another site and found this fascinating; How on earth can chickens be compared to T. Rex? I grew up on a farm and we kept bantam chickens, which are basically semi-feral and cannibalistic. After purusing the article I found a possible reason why the little beasts are so nasty.

Tyrannosaurus rex fossil gives up precious protein

This one might be of interest to same sex couples who want their own children without having to go through the process of finding a donor of either sperm or egg. I know a few couples who might benefit from this.

Bone stem cells turned into primitive sperm cells 

On my friend KayInMaine’s blog last night she was set upon by a neoconservative troll who after Kay tracked him down, worked for the oil industry. She’s almost plagued daily by these “people” and the one big thing they rant on her about is global warming and Al Gore. The global warming issue they don’t like is because of the obvious; if people conserve more and bring alternative energy resources come online, oil companies will lose money and the trolls will lose their gravy jobs. Al Gore they hate because of the movie that’s popular and he’s a Democrat. If their rants even contained a little bit of logic, I could see their concern about losing their jobs. But all they do is rant and insult, knowing full well (maybe not) how stupid they sound. Oh well. This item isn’t all about global warming per se, but it might be an indicator. Satellite to study source of ‘night shining’ cloudsThis last one seems like a no-brainer to me, myself seeing upclose and personal the effects stress has on the human body, but I thought this one might appeal to the CSI crowd if one or two of them happened by my little blog.

A life of crime takes its toll on health

The NWO (New World Order); An Old Idea

I’m crossposting this from my buddy Rocky The Highwayman’s blog.

Most people consider the idea of the NWO and the North American Union a conspiracy theory myth perpetuated by the likes of Alex Jones, Mike Ruppert and Aaron Russo. but if a thinking person just stepped back for a moment and really thought about the events in the United States and the world for the past seven years, one would find many interesting coincidenses happening concerning 9/11, PNAC, AIPAC, European Union, the Fall of the USSR, Bilderbergs and the Rockefellers.

This is Part 3 of a continuing series:

World Governance III