Friday Science Class

I am trying to assign parts of my blog certain days of the week where I dedicate one theme, re Fridays shall be dedicated to science issues. It’s my firm belief that Americans are sorely lacking in rudimentary knowledge of even basic science, which is embarrassing and unacceptable. Hopefully my small efforts in passing along some information will bear fruit. I subscribe to, so most of the articles are linked to them.

I read this little item yesterday on another site and found this fascinating; How on earth can chickens be compared to T. Rex? I grew up on a farm and we kept bantam chickens, which are basically semi-feral and cannibalistic. After purusing the article I found a possible reason why the little beasts are so nasty.

Tyrannosaurus rex fossil gives up precious protein

This one might be of interest to same sex couples who want their own children without having to go through the process of finding a donor of either sperm or egg. I know a few couples who might benefit from this.

Bone stem cells turned into primitive sperm cells 

On my friend KayInMaine’s blog last night she was set upon by a neoconservative troll who after Kay tracked him down, worked for the oil industry. She’s almost plagued daily by these “people” and the one big thing they rant on her about is global warming and Al Gore. The global warming issue they don’t like is because of the obvious; if people conserve more and bring alternative energy resources come online, oil companies will lose money and the trolls will lose their gravy jobs. Al Gore they hate because of the movie that’s popular and he’s a Democrat. If their rants even contained a little bit of logic, I could see their concern about losing their jobs. But all they do is rant and insult, knowing full well (maybe not) how stupid they sound. Oh well. This item isn’t all about global warming per se, but it might be an indicator. Satellite to study source of ‘night shining’ cloudsThis last one seems like a no-brainer to me, myself seeing upclose and personal the effects stress has on the human body, but I thought this one might appeal to the CSI crowd if one or two of them happened by my little blog.

A life of crime takes its toll on health

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  1. Yo, Dad!

    Just popped in to tell you not to forget there’s two other previous posts to that one you got from me. I’ll give you the website I got them from… it’ll freak you out, man! You can get ’em from me or the other site, whatever.

    I gotta get a blogroll up, too! Hey, sign the petition, eh? Later… happy foiling!

    Here’s the link:

  2. I am loving your posts, Dad! You are right that basic science knowledge is missing for most people. The arguments of those opposed to necessary steps to reduce global warming are proof of that: global warming doesn’t exist because of winter snows. Jeeze.
    Regards manipulating stem cells for reproduction, testing on animals to achieve these advances should also be a part of the discussion.

  3. I like your stuff too Mirth, especially about the unions and the systemetic destruction of the working class. I think it’s going to have to be a repeat of the 19th century union/robber baron blood, sweat and tears conflicts before cycle back again.

    And yes, teaching real science, not this pseudo-religious crap the sneaky dominionist creeps are trying to force down kids throats now-a-days will go a long ways towards that goal!

  4. The potention for reproduction with bone stem cells, at least in the case of Lesbians, would mean only female births.

  5. *potential

  6. I think if the process becomes viable Mirth, I don’t think it will matter to the couples what sex the child is.

    But I believe by the time the process is perfected for commercial use, they will be able to bio-engineer the zygote’s sex.

  7. should be a must see for a fellow sf fan. Nice posts.

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