The NWO (New World Order); An Old Idea

I’m crossposting this from my buddy Rocky The Highwayman’s blog.

Most people consider the idea of the NWO and the North American Union a conspiracy theory myth perpetuated by the likes of Alex Jones, Mike Ruppert and Aaron Russo. but if a thinking person just stepped back for a moment and really thought about the events in the United States and the world for the past seven years, one would find many interesting coincidenses happening concerning 9/11, PNAC, AIPAC, European Union, the Fall of the USSR, Bilderbergs and the Rockefellers.

This is Part 3 of a continuing series:

World Governance III

8 responses

  1. Yep! The Bush Pigs want to rule the world and they would love to be in control of Canada, America, and Mexico/South America. They’re that warped!

  2. I didn’t about this NWO stuff myself until last year when my Buddhist buddy from work mentioned it and told me to research it.

    It didn’t bother him in the least about NWO, neocons, 9/11 or any of that. He said that as long as people can still watch TV, buy gas for their SUVs and buy cheap stuff at Wally-World, nothing’s going to change.

    For the most part he’s right, but I couldn’t sit back and watch everything go all to hell without a little bit of a fight.

    Must be a Buddhist, nonviolent thing with him.

  3. North American Union is something I first heard about a decade ago when a thinktank in Washington cheered on the idea of a single currency combining the US dollar, Canadian dollar and Mexican peso, to create a super-currency that could compete with the euro.

    BTW, Alex Jones is often, in my opinion, correct about things. More often than I am.

  4. I don’t know how I feel about a NAU, but I wish we could erase imaginary lines and allow people and good to flow freely.

  5. I asked Rocky what he thought about a North American Union from a Canadian perspective and he wasn’t too keen about it. I have to agree with him on two points:

    1. All of the treaties being signed, including NAFTA were negotiated in secret. By the time people found out about the “agreements”, it was too late to take the vote back.

    2. The history of “unification” projects in the past shows dubious human rights records at best, genocide at worst. What would make this project any different?

  6. I hate to break this to you, but Canadians voted strongly against Free Trade. We voted the Cons out and the Libs pushed it through : and we aren’t even locked into a two party system and fixed election dates.
    Just for entertainment value : Chretien had a ‘Red Book’ of election promises. Not one Liberal promise was kept : yet the SOB kept getting re-elected. Go figure.
    Oh. The Cons are having secret NAFTA style talks again : likely a condition of BushCo for support in dirty tricks electioneering.

  7. Mirth Free Trade doesn’t do anything for people access. I used to live on the border and go across just on a casual basis. I have no criminal record, have worked for Defense, have relatives in the States, and a license to drive heavy trucks.
    I have more interest in flying to the moon than visiting the U.S.A. these days, despite never having made the drive down the West Coast to Mexico. Putting people in jail for traffic offenses, depriving them of due process, torture, and being at a legal disadvantage to U.S. nationals in any dispute are only some of the reasons why.

  8. […] Dad2059’s House of Tin Foil  With a name like that, KayinMaine’s top fan has to be worth a look  ;   and us geezers are sooo out of touch : it’s aluminum foil already ( how else would we deflect ‘mind-control’ broadcasts ? ) […]

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