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I know this is Friday Science Class, but this is important to people who believe in civil rights for everyone, not just Americans.

H1B and H2B guest worker programs are designed for companies that have a shortage of skilled labor. The program enables them to import specialists from overseas, often for a fee through a broker.

This system is abused, and it abuses. After you read the following, think to yourself; Shouldn’t we be teaching what we used to teach in school during the 1950s, 60s and 70s so we can have skilled workers once again?

You be the judge.

Exclusive: ‘Human Trafficking’ Of Foreign Workers In U.S. State

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  1. This is a reason to review all trade agreements, treaties and guest worker programs.

  2. A skilled workforce of Americans? *screaming laughter* Oh that is so pre-2000 thinking, Dad!

  3. Hey! I can dream can’t I?

    This problem is only going to get worse as the neocons and the NWO tighten their grip.

    Running water? Owning a home? Owning a car?

    That is so pre-21st century!*laughing on the outside, but crying on the inside*

  4. I think the main thrust of the new world order is toward a society of slaves, fully dependent upon the state for their food, housing etc. I know people on “social assistance” here in Saskatchewan that cannot even go out of town or make a significant purchase without first contacting their social worker and getting permission, and it has to be something that isn’t frivolous like a vacation or a Sunday drive if they expect a welfare check at the end of the month. They’re allotted so much for living expenses and that’s it. They basically exist, and have virtually no right to self-determination. They are in effect, slaves. There is no recourse available to them, especially if they’re disabled or otherwise handicapped. They’re kept people. They’re trapped!

    If the government had everyone on the ‘payroll’ they would be easier to control. The days of individual autonomy are numbered if socialist thinking is allowed to prevail. The Communists liked the idea of a communal society of shared property. Trouble was, the leaders were very much into materialism and capitalistic theology, and were loathe themselves to give up their wealth, expecting the “proletariat” to make sacrifices for them.

    The idea of social programs and benefits may look good on the outside, but it’s been our experience here in Canada that they are not always the answer, and tends to lead toward what Kay was describing in an unskilled workforce, and there is a shortage of skilled workers in this province right now. Health care is taxed to it’s limit, and people are dying waiting for surgery and other aids.

    State-funded programs always have a catch to them. Unfortunately, we have been brought up with the notion that the government owes us, but with that statement we effectually enter into contract with it and become liable and responsible for services rendered. Our autonomy is traded for convenience. I think the answer was back when our forefathers were settling the land and were independent of government aid and immune from the joinder that always accompanies any contractual agreement with government.

    The days of living off of the land are gone for good, but maybe a return to trade among ourselves as individual, sovereign entities, bartering and exchanging services independent of federal jurisdiction — Dad, THAT would be dreaming! Perhaps well worth the time dreaming it, too!

    Is that foil enough for ya?

  5. I guess I come at this from a different perspective.

    Why aren’t American colleges and universities graduating adequate numbers of students in science and computer techonology to fill the jobs U.S. companies create?

    For decades, the U.S. has lagged behind other nations in science and math and it would suggest that we are now paying the price for this.

  6. You’re right about the reticence of government to provide adequate funding for education, Chris. They do not want an educated, thereby, independent people. They want slaves. We are all headed for socialism, which amounts to more than just the standard (and tired-out) stereotype of living in communal work camps, (I think we’re there now in many respects) which may be true , but it’s more an issue of sovereignty and autonomy.

    You need socialism for a “new order” concept that has been preached by the Bush clan and other elitist-minded cliques. That’s the only way of adequately producing the conditions necessary for rendering a populace docile enough to be manageable. Think of the ‘herd’ scenario, and you’ll have it!

  7. #3 my bro Rock:

    Here in America from what I see is the meme passed around is capitalism is the new socialism; Wal-Mart wages, Wal-Mart culture and so on. Not any help what so ever in providing shelter, food, health care or anything like that. The only thing the nanny super state provides, like the new socialism is “Security is Freedom”, whereby the state snoops in all of your business by tapping phone calls, internet connections, banking, store purchases, who you have sex with, etc. The Corporation supplies the slave wages, which feeds the payday loan lenders and other subprime lenders that prey on poor people. The subprime lenders by the way are owned by bigger megabanks like BankAmerica, HSBC, Chase-Manhattan, you get the idea.

    “Social Services” are supposed to be provided by the individual states counties and the churches. In order to get them you must join the church, or work on a county farm for your food.

    How’s that for tinfoil!

  8. Christopher, you too Rock:

    I wish I could remember the source, but I read on another blog around the time of last fall’s election that a person who works for Monsanto, a megacorp that bioengineers food, seed and makes chemical fertilizer, over heard some mighty powerful executives talking about the main goal of the “bosses” was that it didn’t matter if America crashed, they would just open up new markets to the growing middle-classes of India and China. America, and Canada, if the Earth warmed up more, are going to be the worlds'”farm”, re, grains, corn, rice, etc. All bio-engineered of course. So it doesn’t matter to them that the U.S. economy might crash, the Globalists believe the world can withstand the shock and that India and China will emerge as the new Super-Powers. Which is scary because Chinas’ human rights record is worse than ours and India has had a class system for thousands of years.

    Tinfoil served in great quantities today!

  9. #7 & 8 (I count your posts too, Daddy-o!)

    Ditto. Think herder mentality, and you have the New World Order proponent in a nutshell. Enslave the people economically, socially, religiously (New Agers are VERY religious) and you have your herd of serfs.

    Two classes… the herders and the herd.

  10. BTW, Dad, you’re a sci-guy… what do you make of the allegations man never made it to the moon?

  11. Yo Rock:

    Herder mentality = bread and circuses = shopping and terrorism.

    Keep the herd afraid of the “other”, pay them just enough to buy cheap crap, maybe food, and borrow money at outrageous interest rates to get shelter and clothes. TV is a must also; sports, NASCAR, football(American and world)to keep them pacified.

    As far as the moon landing, that shit happened. The technology for special effects back then weren’t good enough to pull off a fake landing. That technology didn’t come about until George Lucas perfected it (original Star Wars). And that was a result from advancing computer technology that resulted from NASA/DARPA technology.

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