Saturday Science Fiction

Luv it, luv it, luv it!! Science fiction to me is like the Bible, Torah, Rig Veda, Quran, you name it to people who seek their own form of enlightenment!

So call me an out of touch idealist. has a pageful of delightful goodies today to look over, and of course, the Saturday movies playing on the Sci-Fi Channel today are a combo of oldies that are goodies. At 9:00 p.m. tonight the headline movie is a new Clive Barker movie titled ‘The Plague’. Remember also that the classic Friday night line-up is returning April 20th when the Stargate shows return. This is the final season for SG-1, *wiping tear from my eye* )-; , but SG Atlantis is a worthy torch bearer. Enjoy.

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  1. Saturday science-fiction is going to be a “work in progress” part of the blog as I learn the ropes. is most likely is going to be a staple though.

    As things evolve, maybe I can host original amateur works. We’ll see.

  2. May the “Force” be with you… (I think…)

    Live long and prosper… yeah… that’s a safe enough one… I think…

    Aw, crap! Have a foil of a day, old-timer!!

  3. I’m already missing Battlestar Galactica.

  4. Rocky:

    I adhere to both philosophies, tinfoil or not.


    If wish SciFi Channel would put BSG back on Fridays, I always miss it on Sundays and I can’t get the DVR because my women record their shows. *sigh*

  5. If = I

    still drain bamaged

    BTW Christopher, who are your favorite science-fiction authors?

    Mine are classic: Clarke, Heinlein, Niven, Asimov, Philip K. Dick, Jose Farmer, Williamson, Bob Shaw, some Aldriss, Silverberg and Vinge.

    Contemporary: Reynolds, Stross, Egan and Iain Banks.


  6. Dad,

    Jim and I were discussing the very same thing recently. We prefer it on Friday nights — kinda’ a reward to end the week on.

    But check it out: according to Entertainment Weekly, their ratings have skyrocketed by moving it to Sunday night among all these hoity-toity demographics.

    I guess that’s why they renewed it for 22 new episodes and a feature film to be shown on Sci Fi Channel. As long as they keep it on the air, I can’t complain but, I preferred Friday too.

  7. Authors, well:

    Arthur C. Clarke, David Weber, Philip K. Dick, Gene Roddenberry, Murray Leinster, H. G. Wells, Anthony Burgess, Isaac Asimov, and George Orwell, come to mind.

    I tend to keep science fiction and fantasy separate, as they are often merged and meshed today, which makes no sense to me.

  8. Wow, really classic! Especially Leinster, Wells, Burgess and of course Orwell(Blair).

    I deplore attempts to mix science-fiction and fanasty, they are not the same things!

    I think I’m going to have to break down and buy box sets of Battlestar, SG-1 too since this is the last season.

    My contemporary favs are Singularitarians, meaning most of their stories center around post-singularity societies. I guess if I have a religion, I would be called a techno-rapturist geek. You would never know it if you met me in person, I’m a redneck looking old fart! But I never really got that way until after I had my heart surgery and realized how much I owed my life to modern science. That’s when I really started to study the stuff.

    Most of the people in my life say it was God, but I don’t argue the point.

  9. Hey Dad
    I’m running in 10 directions today, so just this quick note to tell you that you’ll be on LM’s CommunitySpeak post tomorrow.
    Readers are gonna LOVE your blog!

  10. Hey dad. I hope my post goes through here. I’m having connectivity problems.
    I noticed you said the new SG-1 season starts the 20th. Ummmm….It started last night actually. Both Stargate shows started their season last night. I hope you didn’t miss out!

  11. Well D-Day, I guess I snoozed. Between work, starting the blog, trying to finish a paper for school and fighting off a nasty cold I’ve had for two weeks, I missed out. I’m not gonna this week though.

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