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Sunday Morning Talking Bobble Head Open Thread

Alot of blogs have open threads today. Most bloggers are watching the political talking bobble heads as I call them. I have a more personal reason; I have to get ready for a birthday party, my youngest daughter is turning sweet-sixteen today. *heavy sigh*

They do grow up so fast. Thread away and keep it clean, I will ban trolls and I do moderate. Later peeps.

Middle East Arms Race?

According to the New York Times reporters William Broad and David Sanger, returning officials from Saudi Arabia expressed concern that the Saudis are seriously considering nuclear research:

“We will develop it openly,” Prince Saud al-Faisal, the Saudi foreign minister, said of the council’s effort. “We want no bombs. All we want is a whole Middle East that is free from weapons of mass destruction,” an Arab reference to both Israel’s and Iran’s nuclear programs.

Jordanian King Abdullah expressed concern also about the changing Middle East dynamic:

“The rules have changed,” King Abdullah II of Jordan recently told the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. “Everybody’s going for nuclear programs.”

And of course, guess who the culprit is:

“One danger of Iran going nuclear has always been that it might provoke others,” said Mark Fitzpatrick, a senior fellow at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, an arms analysis group in London. “So when you see the development of nuclear power elsewhere in the region, it’s a cause for some concern.”

I don’t profess alot of knowledge about the Middle East, but since 9/11 I’ve taken more interest in global politics. The region is deep in history and its’ people are proud and they know their heritage. Our Western civilization has always had a tempestuous relationship with it; Israel, the Iraqi wars (I &II), terrorism and oil are the just most recent conflicts.

Almost all Americans to this day still probably couldn’t name the different sects of Islam, and they probably care less I’m sure. But the current problem with Iran, who are Shiite Persians not Sunni Arabs by the way, says plenty about our ignorance and hubris.

The article has that corpo-media bias feel, and one cannot help but hear the drumbeats…