Sunday Morning Talking Bobble Head Open Thread

Alot of blogs have open threads today. Most bloggers are watching the political talking bobble heads as I call them. I have a more personal reason; I have to get ready for a birthday party, my youngest daughter is turning sweet-sixteen today. *heavy sigh*

They do grow up so fast. Thread away and keep it clean, I will ban trolls and I do moderate. Later peeps.

11 responses

  1. Will check back later folks. Civil discussions, please.

  2. At least you HAVE a daughter, Dad! Count your blessings.

  3. You misunderstood me big Rock, I sighed because she’s by baby and they grow up so fast, not because I had to go.

    I have two daughters in fact, my oldest is getting married this summer. I’ll miss her alot when she leaves to be an adult.

    But it’s that circle of life thing.

  4. My apologies, big guy! We never found the time to have kids.

    I think that’s an excuse…

    Don’t mind me… it’s the mid-life thing.

  5. Seriously, I think you’re a fortunate man.

  6. Yes I are Rock-bro! I also have a son who’s turning 28 on the 22nd and he’s married too. No grandkids. In fact they were over last night. My daughter-in-law is a piece of work. Oh well.

    I have that mid-life thing going on too. I hear it’s just practice for being real old farts when it’s time. Ya think?

  7. Dad, give your daughter a big birthday hug from me! I’m always amazed at how many people in my life have the April 15th birthday. Weird!

    Sweet that your daughter is Sweet 16 today. 🙂

  8. Dad I have two daughters also, one is going to be 22 next week, she is married and spent 12 months in Iraq, the longest twelve months of my life.

    The other is going to be 11 the end of this month, and your right they grow up way too fast.

    But then again, my mother told me the same thing years ago. (About the time I was deploying to Desert Storm)

    BTW left you a present at your contact link

  9. Happy Birthday, Kay…


  10. Dad’s daughter and Kay…Happy Birthday.
    To girls!

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