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Pre-Tinfoil Tuesday News

Virginia Tech had a shooting and killings today that rival Columbine.

But according to prisonplanet.com, something more sinister is afoot:

Early details about the horrific school shooting at Virginia Tech strongly indicate that these events represent a Columbine-style black-op that will be exploited in the coming days to push for mass gun control and further turning our schools into prisons.

Hmmm. NWO Black-Ops to get our guns? Two hour time gap?

I love prisonplanet.com, Alex Jones is a hoot and Aaron Russo is cool. Even if half of this stuff is bullsh*t, it’s entertaining reading and it gives one pause to think. Quoting prisonplanet even got me banned from Smirking Chimp once. I didn’t lose sleep over it, I thought it was funny!

But this school shooting is far from funny. More is at stake here than we realize.

Read and thread:

Virginia School Shooting: Another Government Black-Op?

The Real Reason Retired U.S.M.C. Gen. Sheehan didn’t want to be the Der Fuhrer’s War Czar

From Glenn Greenwald at salon.com:

In his important Washington Post Op-Ed this morning, Retired Marine Corps Gen. John Sheehan — in the course of explaining why he asked not to be considered for the new post of “war czar” in the Bush administration — has become the latest military expert to warn the country that our military and war policy in Iraq is destined to fail, because it is being controlled by a small band of propagandists who have no coherent strategy for ever leaving Iraq:

What I found in discussions with current and former members of this administration is that there is no agreed-upon strategic view of the Iraq problem or the region. . . . There has to be linkage between short-term operations and strategic objectives that represent long-term U.S. and regional interests, such as assured access to energy resources and support for stable, Western-oriented countries. These interests will require a serious dialogue and partnership with countries that live in an increasingly dangerous neighborhood. We cannot “shorthand” this issue with concepts such as the “democratization of the region” or the constant refrain by a small but powerful group that we are going to “win,” even as “victory” is not defined or is frequently redefined.

Glenn Greenwald has been the man when it comes to exposing more and more the damnedable neocon cabal when it comes to Middle East policy. But man, these s.o.b.’s have themselves firmly entrenched in the halls of government. But you know what, past tyrants thought they could insulate, guard, hide and bury themselves from the unclean peasants when said group got fed up with the abuse.

Most of the time the peasants lost, but sometimes they didn’t.
Iraq: American public opinion vs. a “small but powerful group”

Strange Bedfellows

To quote Tim Allen:


I think this might be old news, but it seems to me that the most conservative of the conservative, re military generals, are speaking up about climate change rather strange:

Generals urge cuts in greenhouse gases

The argument they make are logical. I wish other so-called “conservatives” were just as wise.

Okay, that and a dime will let me call somebody who gives a sh*t.

Missing Bees? Updated

From NewScientist.com:

It is a vanishing on the scale of entire cities. Late in 2006, commercial beekeepers in Florida began noticing alarming numbers of their bees had gone missing. Bustling colonies, tens of thousands strong, were emptying in a matter of days. Systematic searches for dead bees around the colonies mostly drew a blank.

“Bustling honeybee colonies, tens of thousands strong, were emptying in only a matter of days”

“Imagine waking one morning to find 80 per cent of the people in your community are just gone,” says May Berenbaum of the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Bees are an important part of the food chain. Without bees, there’s no pollination of flowering plants, no flowers…no seeds, no seeds…no plants, no plants…well, you get the idea.


Hat tip to Clif. Thanks dude!


From a link at oldephartteintraining :

are mobile phones wiping out our bees?

Now that’s something I didn’t know about, bees are attracted to electrical power lines!

And this isn’t even Friday Science Class yet!

Neocon Criminals Have No Shame

Paul Wolfowitz, former Deputy Secretary of Defense and current President of the World Bank, is being rebuked for giving a patronage job to his live-in girlfriend Shaha Riza. It was a good paying job too, $132,000 – $193,000 a year. She’s on leave now, but she’ll get the higher amount when she returns because of gauranteed raises.

While the investigation goes on, despite calls for his resignation, Wolfowitz refuses to do so:

“Look, I believe in the mission of this organization, and I believe I can carry it out,” Wolfowitz said at a news conference called to discuss a meeting of the bank’s development committee. “I have had many expressions of support. . . . We need to work our way through this. The board is looking into the matter, and we’ll let them complete their work.”

Huh? “I believe in the mission of this organization…I believe I can carry it out”? No conflict of interest here gang…move along…nothing here…WTF!!

Apparently the bank’s ethics commitee thinks there’s nothing to see here either:

“I’m amazed that the ethics committee had a lot of views, but then stepped back from their implementation,” said Ruth Wedgwood, a professor of international law at Johns Hopkins University. Turning the matter over to Wolfowitz to resolve in the first place, she noted, was “sort of oxymoronic: ‘You can’t recuse yourself enough to suit us, but we want you to be formally in the chain of command to resolve this.’ “

Wolfie and Gonzo. Neocon criminals with no shame. As with all elitists, the rules don’t apply to them.


April Nor’Easter; Human Influence or Natural Cycle?

The following is a snapshot of the Nor’Easter pounding the Middle Atlantic and New England states. I don’t claim to be a meteorologist nor a climatologist, but I put the question to people who doubt or deny human influence upon the Earth’s climate; How can you discount 250 years of pumping carbon dioxide and sulfur into the atmosphere since the dawn of mechanical industrial activity? It may in fact be a cyclic change natural to the planet due to sunspot activity or planetary magnetic field shifts. But wouldn’t it make more sense if human activity accelerate a cycle already in process

It seems common sense to me, but that’s my opinion.

Northeast U.S. Satellite