Neocon Criminals Have No Shame

Paul Wolfowitz, former Deputy Secretary of Defense and current President of the World Bank, is being rebuked for giving a patronage job to his live-in girlfriend Shaha Riza. It was a good paying job too, $132,000 – $193,000 a year. She’s on leave now, but she’ll get the higher amount when she returns because of gauranteed raises.

While the investigation goes on, despite calls for his resignation, Wolfowitz refuses to do so:

“Look, I believe in the mission of this organization, and I believe I can carry it out,” Wolfowitz said at a news conference called to discuss a meeting of the bank’s development committee. “I have had many expressions of support. . . . We need to work our way through this. The board is looking into the matter, and we’ll let them complete their work.”

Huh? “I believe in the mission of this organization…I believe I can carry it out”? No conflict of interest here gang…move along…nothing here…WTF!!

Apparently the bank’s ethics commitee thinks there’s nothing to see here either:

“I’m amazed that the ethics committee had a lot of views, but then stepped back from their implementation,” said Ruth Wedgwood, a professor of international law at Johns Hopkins University. Turning the matter over to Wolfowitz to resolve in the first place, she noted, was “sort of oxymoronic: ‘You can’t recuse yourself enough to suit us, but we want you to be formally in the chain of command to resolve this.’ “

Wolfie and Gonzo. Neocon criminals with no shame. As with all elitists, the rules don’t apply to them.


4 responses

  1. It amazes me to see how far the culture of corruption is entrenched in all departments of government; spying, phone taps, internet tracking, losing billions of dollars, patronage jobs, no bid contracts to crony businesses, damn, the list is endless!

    If the U.S. even recovers from this debacle, it’ll take decades!

    Jail is too good for these arseholes!

  2. It takes good people to run any organization. Not only are the neo-con chiefs selected in a way that guarantees incompetence, their agenda guarantees the sabotage of everything they touch. If you wanted complete destruction of the country, this would be the way to do it. Add in grinding the military apart and indoctrinating the leadership and you have destroyed the infrastructure. Stratospheric debt accumulation should do in the economy, which was a major structure of world finance.
    Surviving the remainder of Bush’s term ? How the hell will the country survive damage already inflicted ?

  3. And they’re destroying it, no doubt about it.

    But as long as the sheeple can watch America Idol, NASCAR, Dancing With The Stars, Survivor, buy gas for their SUVs, buy cheap Wally-World sh*t and go to their taxpayer supported prison guard, stockbroker and bank jobs, it’ll keep on going until these “faux yuppies” lose their shirts in bankruptcy. It can’t go on much longer.

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