Strange Bedfellows

To quote Tim Allen:


I think this might be old news, but it seems to me that the most conservative of the conservative, re military generals, are speaking up about climate change rather strange:

Generals urge cuts in greenhouse gases

The argument they make are logical. I wish other so-called “conservatives” were just as wise.

Okay, that and a dime will let me call somebody who gives a sh*t.

3 responses

  1. Bu$hcon and neo-imperialists are prone to surround themselves with loyal syncophants rather than people who give sound advice; “…I don’t hear you lalalalalala…I can’t hear you lalalalalala…”

    *bashing neo-scum skulls in with Captain Caveman club given as a present from KayInMaine!*

    *phasers are too quick*

  2. You have to wonder about Terry Root’s “alarmist” objection is about…that we wait the 30 years and then work to stave off disaster.

  3. We have had a “reactionary” policy concerning technology that is eventually bad for the environment, that is, putting faith in a technical solution to a problem and that we always will because we are Americans and/or Western Culture.

    I think that fallacy is catching up with us fast.

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