The Real Reason Retired U.S.M.C. Gen. Sheehan didn’t want to be the Der Fuhrer’s War Czar

From Glenn Greenwald at

In his important Washington Post Op-Ed this morning, Retired Marine Corps Gen. John Sheehan — in the course of explaining why he asked not to be considered for the new post of “war czar” in the Bush administration — has become the latest military expert to warn the country that our military and war policy in Iraq is destined to fail, because it is being controlled by a small band of propagandists who have no coherent strategy for ever leaving Iraq:

What I found in discussions with current and former members of this administration is that there is no agreed-upon strategic view of the Iraq problem or the region. . . . There has to be linkage between short-term operations and strategic objectives that represent long-term U.S. and regional interests, such as assured access to energy resources and support for stable, Western-oriented countries. These interests will require a serious dialogue and partnership with countries that live in an increasingly dangerous neighborhood. We cannot “shorthand” this issue with concepts such as the “democratization of the region” or the constant refrain by a small but powerful group that we are going to “win,” even as “victory” is not defined or is frequently redefined.

Glenn Greenwald has been the man when it comes to exposing more and more the damnedable neocon cabal when it comes to Middle East policy. But man, these s.o.b.’s have themselves firmly entrenched in the halls of government. But you know what, past tyrants thought they could insulate, guard, hide and bury themselves from the unclean peasants when said group got fed up with the abuse.

Most of the time the peasants lost, but sometimes they didn’t.
Iraq: American public opinion vs. a “small but powerful group”

3 responses

  1. I hate elitist neocon scumbags.

    I hate their smug looks, I hate their cowardice, I hate the way they surround themselves with syncophants and “courtiers”.

    Just like the little punk pukes in elementary school who talks smack, then runs and hides behind the teacher.

  2. Dumb question but, John Sheehan? Is he Cindy Sheehan’s former husband? Is that why her son enlisted: he was following in his daddy’s footsteps?

  3. I don’t know. But if that was the case, it would have been leaked all over the place well before now, so the short answer would be no, no relation.

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