Tinfoil Tuesday: Illuminati and the NWO

It wouldn’t be Tinfoil Tuesday without a treatise about the Illuminati and the NWO.  I profess I don’t know much about the Illuminati except that they’ve been around for two-three hundred years and have had many famous members, too many to list. Here’s a taste:

The Rise of Global Governance

The desire to rule the world has been a part of the human experience throughout recorded history. Alexander the Great led Greece to dominance of the known world, only to become the victim of Rome’s quest for world dominance. The Roman Empire, built on bloody battlefields across the land, was swallowed up by the Holy Roman Empire, built on the fear and hopes of helpless people. History is a record of the competition for global dominance. In every age, there has always been a force somewhere, conniving to conquer the world with ideas clothed in promises imposed by military might. The 20th century is no different from any other: Marx, Lenin, and Hitler reflect some of the ideas which competed for world dominance in the 1900s. The competition is still underway. The key players change from time to time, as do the words that describe the various battlefields, but the competing ideas remain the same.

One of the competitors is the idea that people are born free, “totally free and sovereign,” and choose to surrender specified freedoms to a limited government to achieve mutual benefits. The other competitor is the idea that government must be sovereign in order to distribute benefits equitably and to manage the activities of people to protect them from one another. The first idea, the idea of free people, is the idea that compelled the pilgrims to migrate to America. The U.S. Constitution represents humanity’s best effort to organize and codify the idea of free people sovereign over limited government. It is a relatively new idea in the historic competition for world dominance.

The other idea, the idea of sovereign government, is not new. Historically, the conqueror was the government. The Emperor, the King, the conqueror by whatever name, established his government by appointment and established laws by decree. Variations of this idea emerged over time to give the perception that the people had some say in the development of law. The Soviet Union, for example, held elections to choose its leaders; but the system assured the outcome of the elections as well as the ultimate sovereignty of the government. During the 1700s, the first idea was ascendant as evidenced by the creation of America. During the 1900s, the second idea has again become ascendant as evidenced by the emergence of global governance. This report identifies and traces some of the major forces, events, and personalities that are responsible for the rise of global governance in the 20th century.

This is a series written in three parts by Henry Lamb in 1996 and originally published by the Murchison Chair of Free Enterprise College of Engineering at http://www.engr.utexas.edu/cofe/governance/. The link is screwy and doesn’t work right, so you can read the rest here.

I posted Part III on an earlier post about the NWO. My blog brother Rocky of The Highwayman fame pointed out I should post the entire three part series for Tinfoil Hat Tuesday starting with Part I and going in order. So thanks Rock and Happy Foiling!

4 responses

  1. The NWO consists of many groups; The Illuminati, Bilderbergs, Freemasons and more.

    The Freemasons in particular was an actual guild for stonemasons during the High Middle Ages and Renaissance periods. Somehow in the early eighteenth century they got co-opted to be an elite Enlightenment Society. History is unclear on how and why.

  2. Dad, remind me to give you a chart on the complete infrastructure of the the order and it’s counterparts… be warned; HEAVY stuff!

  3. Gotcha Rock. Send it to my regular email.

  4. Hope you post it, guys. I would LOVE to see the names of the playahs.

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