Neocon Family Values

From the Washington Post by Al Kamen:

The World Bank’s Choice: Love Wolfowitz, or Hate Freedom

I love this:

Wolfowitz’s supporters say the controversy is really about corruption: Either you’re for it or against it. Wolfowitz is against it. His enemies, therefore, are for it.

Another Tim the “Toolman” Taylor moment; ‘Uuuurrrrruuuhhh??!!’

Eric Blair (Orwell) would’ve been astounded by the neocons, I think if he realized how good his predictions were, he would’ve given up writing, joined a carnival and pitched his own tent for the sideshow!

11 responses

  1. Hmmm. Not many tips today. C’mon guys, I know this ain’t Kos, I’ll even take those dollar coins that look like quarters.

    Hell, I’ll even take the quarters!

  2. Here’s a tip for ya: check your mail!

  3. What, no quarters?

  4. You accept ?

  5. DOH! Didn’t work!

  6. Why make a simple matter complicated ? Wolfowitz knew (or should have known) that his actions with regard to his girl friend would have resulted in instant dismissal for someone below his pay grade. The Board should act responsibly and fire him on the spot.
    It does not matter whether he told the truth, acted in a transparent way or any of that other garbage.
    Wrong is wrong and and should not be tolerated just because one arrogant S.O.B. thinks that he is above the rules in place for ordinary mortals.

  7. I’ll take hate freedom over Wolfowitz.

  8. All of the neocons, to the last one are elitists down to the smallest neuron.

    They are Machiavellians who truly believe they are above the laws of the land because being elitists, they know what is best for the nation and that lies are a necessary tool to control the masses.

    The masses of course, are ignorant and don’t know what’s best for them.

  9. Hey D-Day, quarters or the quarter-looking dollars?

    I do take both!

  10. Hey, let’s fire up the Cartoon News Network and get our daily allotment of hatespeech from the unspoken supervision of the Ministry of Truth ( Rover )
    ( New item : Watchers of the Daily Show are better informed than those who watch Fox )

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