The Ashley Treatment

From Mercatornet via The World Transhumanist Association:

Ashley has “static encephalopathy of unknown aetiology”, a severe and permanent brain impairment. She will need intensive care for the rest of her life, which doctors say could be 60 years or more. When her parents consulted experts at Children’s Hospital and Regional Medical Center in Seattle they discovered that it was possible to radically retard her growth with high doses of the female hormone estrogen…

Translation; Ashley is severly mentally handicapped to the point where she will require care all of her life. Her parents made a difficult life altering decision about how to care for their daughter.

The philosophy which underlies The Ashley Treatment is that this little girl’s body is just a tool of the spirit to be reshaped and redesigned at will. The real her is trapped inside a floppy, burdensome carcass. Her parents have remodelled her body to match her mind. But this is wrong. Inseparable from our minds, our bodies are also us, not an attachment to us. We are not less dignified if our minds are impaired; we are not less dignified if our bodies are impaired.

The author does not agree with last statement of course, this is a question for transhumanism; are we our bodies, or is our consciousness a separate component of “us” and what makes us human?

This has been a question of religious philosophy for thousands of years and only recently has been taken up by science and the transhuman community. Transhumanism has been accused of being a cheap recreation of religion that caters to “techno-rapturists” and aging “new agers”.

So, what’s wrong with being a techno-rapturist?

Read the rest of the article here.

One response

  1. I finally get to post something about transhumanism! It’s supposed to be my bread and butter, but I get distracted so easily!

    I hope they perfect brain augmentation chips soon, I definately can use the help!

    Then I have to get new and improved tinfoil!

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