Friday Science Class

Some goodies from

Mind Altering Media

Ya think?

Low salt diet prevents heart-attacks and strokes

A practice I should adhere to more often.

Biofuel plantations fuel strife in Uganda

*Sigh* The new Middle East?

Biofuel for US fighter jets?

Of course, it was only a matter of time before the military-industrial-congressional-complex profited from green tech.

HRT increases risk of dying from ovarian cancer

Must read for the gals.

Going down

I thought of the Aerosmith song when I saw this.

Got lots to do today, but I will check in periodically when time allows and if I find other interesting science stuff.

Go nuts.

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  1. The bar is open. If anybody finds good science/tech links, post them in your comments, I’m an open minded geek.

    *Disclaimer. Some of these links you might have to subscribe to the whole magazine to read the whole article. Sorry. I didn’t have time to screen all of the articles.

  2. I always find when I go without salt for extended periods of time, I feel like I’m going to faint when I stand up. It’s very odd.

    Then when I return to regular eating, food tastes incredibly salty.

    I have a natural trend to terrible eating habits. My worst indulgence is BBQ’s potato chips eaten while I watch the Yankees on TV. I haven’t eaten any in months but, I crave them everyday.

  3. Being a heart patient, I’m on a salt-restricted diet anyway.

    But I back-slide once in a while, not good.

    My salty goody is pretzels, mmmmm!

  4. Antimatter.

    Yep, it’s real and not science fiction. An amount the size of a can of coffee provides anough energy to travel to Mars and back, 100 times faster than current propulsion technology.

    Of course, the U.S. military doesn’t see antimatter as a force for good — the energy source needed to move beyond our solar system. Instead, the U.S. military wants to exploit antimatter for weapons.

  5. Antimatter is for real, but expensive to produce. Only the most advanced particle accelerators are able to make even micrograms of the stuff.

    But what a bang for the buck you get though!

  6. I love to cook (and I make a wicked honey-wheat bread!) and when I cut back on salt in preparation, like you Christopher I was suddenly aware of how salty most foods are. Now I prefer tasting the food mostly as it originates with herbs for flavoring. Your less-salt lightheadedness is, probably, related to low blood pressure and it makes sense since salt raises that. The key to all things (well, not all *wink*) is moderation.

  7. I love the space elevator thing and I hope the company (LiftPort) is successful. I first heard of the idea 10 years or so ago reading science fiction. If you haven’t read the award winning sci-fi Mars trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson (Red Mars, Green Mars and Blue Mars) and you are a science junkie, go get them! Not much of a discernable plot but lots of solid science and an excellent how-to on colonising and terraforming Mars.

  8. Salt is a neccessity in one’s diet but too much can be risky for many people. Despite my size and habits, I tend to have low blood pressure so salt isn’t so bad for me. What is a good diet varies. Each individual has their own specific needs and requirements. What’s good for some, may not be good for others. That’s why fad diets are just that, fads. They don’t work for everyone.

  9. You LOVE to cook, Mirthy? Oh, honey, marry me? I love to EAT! Actually, my wife is a good cook, too, but I’ve always wanted a harem! No? Okay…

    I don’t know about this space elevator thing, I’d think it a tad flimsy. Salt? GIVE ME SALT! SALT! SALT! SALT! I like herbs, too, Mirthy… with salt. I like salt on an apple, on watermellon, pretty well anything I can get into my gob!

  10. Mirthy: It’s nice to see a woman who actually likes to cook anymore, my wife hates to cook, thus I do most of it. I try to cook healthy, but I revert to old-fashioned farmer cooking sometimes, great for the taste buds, bad for the arteries!

    D-Day: Fad diets are just that, fads. I try to eat as much a balance diet as I can; some starch, lots of veggies and meat. Unfortunately my three women are hard to please and they never want the same thing at the same time!

    I never read any Kim Stanley Robinson although his Red, Blue and Green Mars series is a classic. I first read about the space elevator from an Arthur C. Clarke novel called The Fountains of Paradise written back in the 1970s. Clarke is also credited with the idea of artificial satellites back in 1945.

    Rocky: Salt is bad for alot of people, me mainly. My Dad was a salt-a-holic and he fought high blood pressure for thirty-five years. He took mucho meds for it. I take a couple of meds for it. I like salt too, but I try to moderate it *looking longingly at bag of pretzels*.

    Some people can eat all they want of it and not be affected. Go figure.

  11. I do most of it too, Dad.

    Jim can’t cook but he loves to eat but he can clean up well so it really is a marriage made in heaven.

  12. Mirth,

    I find cooking to be highly centering. I am calmed by the process. Much the way others say wine calms them down after a stressful day.

  13. That’s it for me too, Christopher. Cooking, and especially baking, is calming and enjoyable for me. And I like washing dishes by hand too, for the same reason.
    I use salt, just less of it and I prefer either kosher or sea salt because of the cleaner taste, plus it isn’t as processed.
    Dad, I’m a Missouri girl and even ‘tho I like healthy foods prepared healthfully, nothing makes me happier than sausage gravy on fresh baked biscuits. I made that just the other night and for a while I was in heaven.

  14. Christopher: I wish clean up here was just as equitable, there’s no problem with the eating of course! Yes, you are lucky! By the way, are you a follower of an Eastern philosophy? You talk like an old Buddhist friend of mine. Nothing personal, just curious.

    Mirthy: Sausage gravy on biscuits, mmmmmm!!!
    *doing best Homer Simpson imitation*

    I heard about sea salt, I’m going to look for some tomorrow when I do some grocery shopping.

  15. And bologna sandwiches, lotsa mayo.

    Did you guys know that D-day is a chef? He isn’t working right now, but that man can cook!

  16. D-Day? A chef?

    Maybe I can hit him up for cooking tips.

    I have to keep the bologna sandwiches to a minimum, but I do eat alot of turkey breast sandwiches with lite mayo or mustard. Tasty.

  17. I think about them at least once a week, but I only have a bologna sandwich maybe once every 3 months. I eat it very slowly and savor every bite.

  18. Dad,

    I’m studying Buddhism. It’s so curious you picked up this. Nothing formal, just casually looking for balance and truth and for something to replace the decades I spent as a Catholic — I religion I now reject.

  19. D-Day a chef? Very, very cool. Food is one of the great truths for me.

  20. Christopher: I’ve had a couple of good friends over the years who followed the Dharmic Path. Let’s just say that exposure rubbed off on me. I’ve adopted some of the philosophy. I’m still a Baptist country boy at times, but the path of Gandhi speaks wisdom.

  21. Oh yeah, food is Nirvana on Earth, that’s probably why I’m still on the Wheel. Well, one of the reasons.

  22. Christopher: Namaste

  23. My admiration for you, Christopher, continues to grow. Leaps and bounds

    All this talk of food has gotten LM is a recipe mood. Find some new ideas and share yours, tomorrow’s afternoon post.

  24. […] at sumo’s and talk of food at Dad’s has put us in a recipe-sharing frame o’ mind, not so much for ‘company’ food as […]

  25. Ok, the above link is freaky since Recipes will not post until Sunday afternoon. I only had it up for about 5 secs to take a look at it!

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