Hi Tech Pencil Lead

Ok, so it’s not pencil lead, it’s called graphene and it might be the next stage in computer microchip technology. I don’t know much about microchips, but I heard about a law that goes something like “the smaller the chip gets, the greater the storage rate or computing power…” I’m paraphrasing here, but anyway, every 18 months the chips shrink in size, but double the power. But there’s a diminishing return on this, meaning even if you can cram more switches (transistors) on a chip, the heat loss from doing that is going to defeat the purpose of more computing power. Oh well, enough of me, read from people who know something.

Move Over Nanotube, Here Comes Graphene

One response

  1. Nanotech is a growing market, but there’s different varieties of it and like all new technologies, it’s going to take a while before there’s a clear cut winner.

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