General Petraeus: Iraqis will have to ‘learn to live’ with ‘sensational attacks’

F*ckin’ A! Ya gotta love these neocons! Go in and destroy their country and then tell them “they’re gonna hafta ‘learn to live’ with ‘sensational attacks’ versus ‘horrendous ones'”:

“I don’t think you’re ever going to get rid of all the car bombs,” conceded Petraeus to the Post. “Iraq is going to have to learn — as did, say, Northern Ireland — to live with some degree of sensational attacks.”

“A more realistic goal, he said, but one that has eluded U.S. and Iraqi forces, is to prevent the bombers from causing ‘horrific damage…'”

Sensational instead of horrific? Brilliant!

That’s why we pay these guys the big bucks I guess.

Sectarian Killings Decrease in Capital; Suicide Bombings Across Country Rise

One response

  1. Did I ever mention today that I despise neocons?

    Tools of the NWO they are!

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