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Holy Moly! Look at what I found!

Check out this site

There’s some serious weirdness going on here! If some of you already know about this, sucks to be me I guess. But this is strange, even by my standards:

A Report on the Motivations and Activities of Extraterrestrial Races

by Michael E. Salla, PhD

July 26, 2004


There are an extensive number of extraterrestrial races known to be currently interacting with Earth and the human population. In a 1998 interview, Clifford Stone, a retired US army Sergeant  who served in the US Army for 22 years and participated in covert operations to retrieve crashed extraterrestrial ships and extraterrestrial biological entities (EBE’s), revealed there were a total of 57 extraterrestrial races known to the US military. From this pool of extraterrestrial races, a number are more active than others, and can be claimed to have the most significance for human evolution and sovereignty. The extensive number of testimonies concerning different extraterrestrial races indicates that the motivations and activities of extraterrestrial races vary greatly, and an idea of these motivations can be distilled from close examination of these testimonies. This report describes the main extraterrestrial races most commonly referred to in the literature who appear to have most strategic significance for the evolution and sovereignty of humanity, and their impact on a range of systemic global problems. The report distinguishes between these extraterrestrial races on the basis of their belonging to one of either two distinct groups. The first group contains extraterrestrial races with which ‘shadow governments’ responsible for extraterrestrial affairs, have reached agreements with and even collaborated in a number of joint projects. The extensive set of interlocking agreements between these races and the ‘shadow government’ in the US and elsewhere suggests the existence of a military-industrial-extraterrestrial complex of interests. The military-industrial-extraterrestrial complex of interests currently controls most information concerning the extraterrestrial presence; and dominates government institutions around the planet, financial interests, the mass media, and is responsible for systemic global problems.

There is also a second grouping of extraterrestrial races that lie outside of this web of clandestine agreements between extraterrestrial races and ‘shadow governments’/national security agencies. Most ‘contactees’ report these races to be ‘friendly’ to human interests suggesting a more ethical approach to the challenges confronting humanity as it prepares for the truth about the extraterrestrial presence and challenges posed by advanced extraterrestrial technology. It is this latter group which may prove to be the key in solving systemic global problems caused by the first group and the ‘shadow government’.

Whooohooo!!!! Whoopy doo! Good stuff ay? And there’s five parts to this article! Catch the rest of this here.

Warning: Good possibility of running out of tinfoil (or aluminum) for your hat reading this site!

11 responses

  1. They seem to cite alot of “credible” people for these articles. I don’t care if it’s true or not, it gives people food for thought and thinking “outside” of our little sandbox in this corner of the galaxy.

  2. Whoa! This stuff is amazing. Great find.

  3. Pretty good huh?! I’m still sifting through this stuff.

    Yeah, I hope your post cheers Kay up. It sounds like she’s suffering from battle fatigue.

  4. This stuff is gold! Too bad the X-Files isn’t still on for you to send the link to Chris Carter.

    OK, UFO’s – I’m ready to see you! Just make an appearance ’round here.

    Yeah, Kay acts tough but she really cares about the world around her. I suggested she keep posting but refrain from commenting for a bit and see if she feels better. War is exhausting.

  5. Ohhhhhh goodlord.
    Gah! I LOVE the internet!

  6. Cripes, Dad, I’m runnin’ low on foil as it is, and you go and pull this up!

    Actually, the concept of alien visitation has been around for thousands of years, with modern television putting the “New Age” spin on it, i.e. “X-Files” and “UFO” and “The Invaders” “Star Trek” and the whole enchilada. Ancient cultures viewed them as deities… gods, as you are aware. What cannot be disputed is that there has to be a basis in fact for this stuff to have lasted so long.

    Of course, the ultimate foil experience is, to me, the metamorphosis from religion to exopolitics; the two, I feel, go hand in hand, and are synonymous at their basic level.

    There is no wilder and more disputed science out there now than Christianity. It was the first to extoll the concept of good and evil — good vs. evil. Indeed, we would have no concept of the term at all were it not for the biblical account.

    They always say: “Follow the money”? I’ve always followed the controversy… never been disappointed yet!

  7. What got me was the sheer number of aliens this Mike Salla’s sources says the NWO are in contact and has dealings with. Twenty-two alien species??!! Ya gotta be shittin’ me! And alot of them are either highly evolved humans, reptiles, grays or any combination of them! The problem I have with the human race being genetically engineered is that we have many weaknesses, illnesses and other defects. If I were to engineer a species, I would think to make the client species as good as possible, re, no diseases, hardier constitutions and what not. Unless we were purposely made weak so to be easier to control, I see no reason to believe this guy. But he pulls alot of witnesses out of his backside. And hey, this is part of the reason I made this site, just for stuff like this!

  8. I heard someone say the reason there’s global warming is to make the atmosphere on earth more hospitable to aliens already living here. To make earth more like their home world.

    Amazing, huh?

    The X-Files. Loved it. Love it. I own all the seasons on DVD. Heard their moving aheade with the next feature film. All the leads are onboard. Can’t wait!

  9. You guys have tipped over the edge.

  10. Christopher: Movie themes; Charlie Sheen in “The Arrival” (1989) and Scott Bakula and Elizabeth Pena in an updated version of “The Invaders” in a made for TV miniseries in 1995.

    Both featured an alien species “terraforming” Earth via global warming.

    I didn’t know they were making another X-Files movie. I have to check that out.

    Mirthy: Not over the edge, totally out of the airplane; *Slim Pickens on top of nuclear bomb in “Dr. Strangelove”, yeeeeehaaaaawwww!!!*

  11. Maybe be the only movie I can stomach watching Charlie Sheen.

    Yeah, both David Duchovny (yummy) and Gillian Anderson have been onboard for years. The delay had something to do with Chris Carter’s royalties.

    Alas, it’s settled and they’re moving forward.

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