Tinfoil Hat: UFOs

I haven’t done UFOs yet, so here’s an interesting video that’s supposed to have been shot after the recovery of the “bodies” from the crash at Roswell New Mexico. In 1995 the ‘official’ final word was that the crash was a testing of upper atmospheric equipment with a crash test dummy in it. Tell me what you think.

 Video: Roswell Crash Aliens 1947

The quality of the clip isn’t that good, but you can see how everyone is excited, too excited to be a crash test dummy? Good tinfoil stuff.

7 responses

  1. I saw a UFO when I was around eight years old. It looked like the old Gemini capsule and rockets that were being launched at the time (1966). It didn’t make any sound at all and it had two antenna sticking out of the front of it. It just flew on by, soundless.

    I haven’t seen a UFO since then, and the subject still facinates me. Did my young, impressionable mind trick me? Imagination, hallucination or real?

  2. Everyone has seen one, a UFO, that is, except me.

    Seriously, I know people as reliable and straight-arrow type as 70 year old married couples, to a lawyer to my partner, who say they’ve seen a UFO.

    I, who believes, have never seen one and it isn’t fair.

  3. I know, it seems like the logical people who actually want to see one, don’t. The others either never believed in the first place, or they’re obvious wackos.

    Maybe it’s planned that way?

  4. LMAO! Man, my grammar before I get my first cup of coffee in my stomach is dreadful!

    Anyway, Jim saw one and Jim is a no-nonsense kinda’ guy who would never lie about such things.

    The parents of a friend of mine, in their 70’s now, both saw the same UFO on the same night.

    I am always looking at the night sky and I see lights moving — of course, they’re the lights of airplanes but I’ve never seen a UFO. It’s ironic because I am convinced there’s intelligent life beyond our solar system. Numerically, it’s a slam-dunk there are other “M”-class planets.

    Oh well, maybe one day I will get to join the UFO club. 😦

  5. You think your grammar’s bad? I had to correct my second comment from “do” to “don’t”. I think my brain twists things more now since my last seizure and they increased my epilepsy meds from 400 mg to 750 mg. I should be sitting drooling in a chair, not working and blogging. Guess I’m too ignorant to know better.

    You ought to check out what I’d scoping out now, this is some real tinfoil shit!

  6. Dude, you have epilepsy? Are they treating you with Neurontin? My best friends has epilepsy. He’s looking at this stem cell treatment thing they’re working on in Thailand. Sounds really promising.

    OK, so what’s the “tin foil” stuff? Tell me, tell me!

    BTW, did you hear the Office of Special Prosecutor is going after Rove? Major woo hoo! I just posted it to Kay so I hope it cheers her up.

  7. Yup, and they don’t know the cause. Actually, it started back in 1983, but then I didn’t have anymore seizures until my Dad was real sick three years ago, a real bad one in Dad’s hospital room. The neurologist worked me up to 400 mg. of Dilantin because I couldn’t tolerate Topomax. Things were good until last fall when my wife and I were coming back from town and I had another grand mal, this time driving and we got into an accident. Needless to say, the DMV pulled my driver’s license. They did more scans at the VA hospital (EEG) but the seizure activity still showed up after an increase to 600 mg. Dilantin. Then the doc put me on 750 mg. total. After another EEG, the activity quieted down. I’ve talked to nurses and nurse’s aides who take care of epilepsy patients and they claim that I shouldn’t be able to function at all taking that much stuff, the normal dosage is 400-450 mg. But my body is highly tolerant to drugs. Must be because of my young and wilder days!

    Oh well. Check ^thread!

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