Not so much tinfoil

The discovery of a possible earth-type planet in star-system Gliese 581 has been in the news today and has brought up the possibility of extra-solar life.

The planet was found in its star’s “habitable zone” where water retains its liquid state. According to exobiologists, liquid water is needed to be a solvent for life as we know it requires for survival. Although the newly discovered planet has gravity that is 1.6 times the Earth’s and life has not yet been discovered there, the discovery of the planet alone is significant because astronomers are able to discover smaller and smaller planets, not just the large gas giant types.

I’m mentioning this because this ties into what I’ve been saying today; that we are probably not alone in the Universe and tinfoil aliens, UFOs, Star Trek and Area 51 aside, there will come a day when we’ll meet ET. And hopefully not shoot him in the process.

Major Discovery: New Planet Could Harbor Water and Life by Ker Than, Staff writer

6 responses

  1. With always improving telescope, computer and scanning technology, this will only get better and better.

  2. Numerically, we simply can’t be the only intelligent life in the galaxy. If this turns out to be the case, then someone has a very sick sense of humor.

  3. That is the hypothesis of the Drake Equation. I’m not sure I can explain it, my brain is on too much dilantin now, so I can’t think. Google Frank Drake.

  4. Time to chill out, Dad. Today’s been busy.

  5. Great. Another planet we can maybe go to and f’k up like this one.

    Dad, listen to Christopher (he’s our guru) and step away from your keyboard. Tomorrow is another day, and we want you in it.

  6. Thanks Mirthy, and I did listen to Christopher. I hit the sack after I posted. 🙂

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