Rosie gives network neocons the ‘bird’


Rosie O’Donnell was ordered by ABC not to talk about U.S. casualty figures on The View and was continually censored and blocked in her attempts to feature prominent members of the 9/11 Truth Movement as guests on the show.

O’Donnell had met with 9/11 truth crusader and World Trade Center hero William Rodriguez before she went public with her comments on The View questioning the suspicious collapse of Building 7. Pictured above is Rosie holding the famous key that Rodriguez used in the twin towers during the rescue efforts.

Rodriguez was instrumental in arranging the appearance of 9/11 first responders on The View which is set to air Friday.

Rosie has attempted to get William Rodriguez on the show as a guest on numerous occasions over the last few weeks but was rebuffed by program directors every time due to Rodriguez’s vocal stance that 9/11 was an inside job.

Rosie was told almost from day one that she could not mention U.S. troop casualty figures in Iraq and the cover-up of the real death count, despite the fact that Neo-Con panelist Elisabeth Hasselbeck was given free reign and allowed to say what she liked, including referring to the Iraqi people as “animals.”

The fact that O’Donnell was blocked from talking about dead U.S. troops feeds into the same censorship that bars the media from filming coffins of returning soldiers at Dover AFB and other locations.

Rosie O’Donnell has had run-ins with with people of a “conservative” bend for a while, not only with gay rights, but guns as well. The 9/11 and dead U.S. troop coverup maybe her latest “cause celebrataire”, but we need people like her to get issues into the corporate mainstream media that will otherwise be pushed under the rug and forgotten.

She might be caustic to some, but she never hides who she is. Keep giving them the ‘finger’ Rosie!

ABC Told Rosie Not To Talk About Dead U.S. Troops

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  1. I’m sick to death about what I’m going to hear next from the exploits of the neocons. It’s a never-ending chain reaction of criminality that keeps on going and going and going….

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