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Peak Oil? How about Peak Water

From livescience.com:

 As the world warms, water — either too little or too much of it — is going to be the major problem for the United States, scientists and military experts said Monday. It will be a domestic problem, with states clashing over controls of rivers, and a national security problem as water shortages and floods worsen conflicts and terrorism elsewhere in the world, they said.

Water and controlling sources of water have been a center piece of human civilization for five thousand years. After all, ancient city-states and the oldest nation-state on Earth started along rivers and in river valleys.

Human beings are reaching the cusp point faster than we ever imagined; one way is toward denial, wars for decreasing resources, death and a fate worse than the Fall of Rome, Black Death and the early Dark Ages combined, or we can face facts, stop throwing money at military contractors and start a program the equivilant to the Manhattan Project in a step forward in our evolution to a true planetary society.

U.S. and Global Water Wars Loom

Olympic Summer Rain

Weather control has always been the holy grail of meteorologists, but just could be reality. The Chinese plan to make it rain two weeks before the 2008 games in order to clean the air around Beijing.

Also, being able to control the weather is a step toward becoming a Type I planetary civilization.

China Plans To Make Rain Ahead Of The Olympics

Get your robot stuff here!

For all of you hard-core techno-geeks out there who like to put your own hardware “toys” and other projects together, this article’s for you! This is about a place where you can get tools to build your own robots! I’m a geek, but robots are a little beyond me. If it doesn’t involve hammers, fence pliers, wire, duct tape and chewing gum, it’s a Type I civilization to my Type 0.2!

Open Source Hardware Makes its Debut in “Robot Internet Mashup”