Olympic Summer Rain

Weather control has always been the holy grail of meteorologists, but just could be reality. The Chinese plan to make it rain two weeks before the 2008 games in order to clean the air around Beijing.

Also, being able to control the weather is a step toward becoming a Type I planetary civilization.

China Plans To Make Rain Ahead Of The Olympics

5 responses

  1. I wish they could’ve done something about that damn Nor’easter we had a couple of weeks ago!

  2. Interesting. China has before boasted about abilities that weren’t exactly true so I’m taking their claim of having already successfully brought about rain in drought stricken areas with a grain of salt. If this turns out to have unintended consequences, then it could be a huge embarassment for China. They are staking a LOT on the success of these games.

  3. Chinese propaganda is as bad as ours, but they’re willing to show some technical prowess in doing this, ( and thus the possibility of failure). And you’re right to say that they have alot riding on the Olympics. It’s their coming out party to the world stating that they’re going to be the next superpower.

  4. Maybe the Chinese can figure out how to refreeze the polar ice caps? They seem to have embreaced science whereas the USA is still populated with people who think life started 6,000 years ago.

  5. China and India have embraced science Christopher. They probably will be the next super-powers. The U.S. is reverting to its Puritan roots thinking it can save its society from the ‘evils’ of the future. We do this at our and the world’s peril because even if we do regress and reject science, we still have the most nuclear weapons on the planet. We think Bu$hcon is a wacko Dominionist, just think if someone like Haggert, Falwell, Buchanan, Gingrich, et al come into power. Not good at all. They would pull the nuclear trigger in a heart beat just for spite.

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