Saturday Sci-Fi

There’s lots of goodies this weekend at The usual Saturaday movie fare culminating with Lake Placid 2 at 9:00 p.m. My wife loved the original Lake Placid, but that’s because she’s a Betty White fan. I rooted for Bridgit Fonda of course. Gator stew anyone?

Also the Sci-Fi Channel’s summer schedule is out today. Check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

I finally got to see both Star Gates (SG-1, Atlantis) last night. SG-1 was a rehash of the old ‘disappearing interdimensional’ foil, this time with the Amanda Tapping character (Col. Carter) instead of Daniel Jackson, but the overall theme of disappearing “civil liberties for security” was timely. I was mildly surprised by it. SG Atlantis was a classic wild west, super-hero type shootum up show with lots of action. Predictable with no lesson other than don’t lie to people and take advantage of them. But I like Atlantis and it will be the torch-bearer for the Star Gate franchise. I don’t know if it’ll have a spin-off of it’s own, but I found that the premise of the franchise(s) gets watered down with each spin-off. Just ask Paramount (Star Trek).

The classic novel I’m suggesting this week is Bob Shaw’s Orbitsville. This was one of my favorites when I was in highschool and it was originally serialized in Galaxy magazine. The plot of the story centered around a starship captain who is inadervantly involved in the death of the Leader of the World’s son. I’m reluctant to give spoilers because although the plot is kind of simple, the discovery the starship captain makes was a unique, but popular idea at the time the novel was serialized. Think big dumb object. Simple, but cool. And there are sequels. Maybe I can get them this summer and enjoy them like I used to.

Places that still sell Orbitsville and sequels:

I plan to take it easy this summer after the madness of my oldest daughter’s graduation and her subsequent marriage subsides. I’m making a list of novels that were serialized by the old sci-fi rags of the day, buy them over the Tubes, pull up a hammack, along with tall cool ice tea and do it up! 

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  1. I’ve been thinking about all of these childhood novels I’ve read 30 years ago. They were rather advanced for their time and although some of the stuff is dated (think tachyons), these stories influenced present day physicists (think quantum entanglement).

  2. Yo, Daddy-o…

    I guess we both know what I like “doing up”. As for sci-fi, I don’t really go for the latest shows, I’m a traditionalist, myself. Call me corny, but the “Lost In Space”, “Star Trek” (old series) etc., etc. are the ones that I liked. The new stuff just bombards you with rapid-fire scene changes, (hard on the eyes) weird technology, bulked-up heroes that couldn’t have gotten there without chemical assistance, and soap opera pettiness. The story lines are often too complicated to follow and still let you invest some time and attention to your honey beside you! However, they have made strides in the area of costuming for the female roles… form-fitting, scanty, etc.

    Do I need a freakin’ time portal, right now? Hell, yeah! Get me OUTTA this dimension, Scotty!

    Where’s yeoman Rand, BTW? *Looking around*

  3. Remember, too, Dadster… these old bad-boys were the fodder for today’s… whatever they are.

  4. The latest and greatest don’t do it for me either Rockman, although I do like the Stargate franchise. The newer Treks didn’t do it for me, got bored easily with the campy themes.

    Yessir, gimme Yeoman Rand any day! (I loved those ‘scanties’, Mmmmm, mmmmm!)

  5. You know it Rockster, them old shows and books influenced smarter geeks than us. Us dumber geeks got to do wilder shit though, the stuff the smarter ones dreamed of!

  6. LOL! Even if you weren’t scared (and I was!) of the corny monsters on “Lost In Space”, after one howl of terror from Dr. Smith, you sure as hell were!

    He patented the terror shriek!

  7. Dr. Smith was hilarious!

    My best friend at the time, Russ May, was tall and skinny like Dr. Smith and he had the ‘exercise’ Smith used to become “Smith The Mighty” down to a tee. Funnier than sh*t!

  8. The newly released, original Star Trek episodes, are beautifully restored. The colors are vibrant and look like they were filmed in 70 mill.

  9. I would love to get them, but stuff like that is kinda pricey for an old wage slave like me.*sigh* I hafta stick to buying old books over the Tubes for the time being.

  10. […] was one of the books I wanted to re-read for two years, just for sentimental reasons. And to see if it offered the same […]

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