Anonymous “Tough Guys”

Here is something that angers, no, pisses me right the “F” off. Anonymous tough guys threatening female bloggers:

A female freelance writer who blogged about the pornography industry was threatened with rape. A single mother who blogged about “the daily ins and outs of being a mom” was threatened by a cyber-stalker who claimed that she beat her son and that he had her under surveillance. Kathy Sierra, who won a large following by blogging about designing software that makes people happy, became a target of anonymous online attacks that included photos of her with a noose around her neck and a muzzle over her mouth.

As women gain visibility in the blogosphere, they are targets of sexual harassment and threats. Men are harassed too, and lack of civility is an abiding problem on the Web. But women, who make up about half the online community, are singled out in more starkly sexually threatening terms — a trend that was first evident in chat rooms in the early 1990s and is now moving to the blogosphere, experts and bloggers said.

It takes real courage to threaten people over the Internet, huh, “tough guys”?  The Tubes run rampant with all kinds of incivility, particularly on the political blogs. My blog “mother”, KayInMaine, receives almost daily threats from trolls who can be traced back to oil companies in Texas. She hits a nerve with them obviously, but that doesn’t stop her one bit. In fact, it fills her with more resolve than before! But I know in the back of her mind, she worries and it taxes her mentally and physically. She fights for what’s right and I support her efforts 100%. If she asks for help, I’ll gladly give it, no questions.

Today’s cliche is “Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one”. Express your opinion, but don’t bully or threaten people because you believe you have the drop on somebody. The somebody might have the drop on you.

Sexual Threats Stifle Some Female Bloggers

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  1. I don’t blog as much political stuff as I do science, so I don’t get the troll manure my blog buds do, but when I run across something like this, I’ll pass it along.

    Man this sh*t aggravates me!

  2. Female bloggers are being targeted all over the Net. These nasty trolls drive up hit numbers. Every blogger has the tools to ban them from commenting.

  3. It still pisses me off, I was brought up to respect women. If I ever back mouthed my mother, she beat me with an iron skillet and then I got more when Dad (pre-historic model) got home from work!

    Needless to say to this day I say “yes ma’am” and “no ma’am”.

    I may be a futurist, but respect is timeless.

  4. That’s why we luvs you, Dad.

    We have no obligation to give these nasty trolls a forum, and in doing that we turn off readers and hurt our blogs. The second they appear…ZAP ‘EM!

  5. Thanks Mirthy *aww garsh**blushing*

    That’s my policy too, zero tolerance for trolls.

    One warning. Then gone.

    I don’t get trolls anyways. Unless a stray Dominionist gets wind of me. Then I shock them so bad that they piss themselves and leave me alone.

  6. Once I made the decision…for the nasty ones, heck I don’t even give a warning now. *poof!*

  7. Yo, Marine…

    Trolls are tiny little minds with tiny little lives that like to annoy real people. 90% evaporate into the lithosphere when ignored.

    As for stalkers… women do need to keep their presence low while online, don’t post stuff that can be used to identify them and their location. Posting photos is a no-no. Even men, if the site is controversial enough, need to follow this advice.

    Even if they, themselves, have done nothing to attract the bastards, women should know that their guests sometimes bring unwanted ‘friends’ with them when they comment… creeps that follow along.

    Keep a low profile.

    That’s the way that it is in this world.

  8. Rocky! Women need to keep a low profile? Nuh uh.
    I agree that ALL people online need to guard their personal info.

  9. I believe I said that, Mirth. All do. Keeping a low profile doesn’t necessarily involve wearing a burkha.

  10. Hi gang, been busy.

    Rock, your gallantry for the ladies equals mine, they should be treated as such. These losers that torment women online should have an attitude adjustment with a ball bat.

    That said, Mirthy’s point about not having to hide that she’s a woman online is valid too, why should she be denied her identity because of loser perverts?

    But women, unfortunately have to be more careful online for the fact that there are people who want to do harm to outspoken women.

    But there’s predatory women too, one of my younger brothers in Florida has had a few weird ones come by his house. Talk about tinfoil!

  11. You guys are great. I wish all men cared for females as you do.
    Women aren’t helpless. And the more visible we are, the less we will be threatened.
    I had an online situation develop and I took care of it. Decisively. I had help, that’s true, but in doing what was necessary to protect myself, no one did anything that I didn’t instruct them to do.

  12. I don’t say that women should be smothered or deprived of the freedom to chart and sail their own course. Necessarily, unless they are an Amazon, and adept at self-defense, they need to be careful as they are more susceptible to harm than most men. Even men are vulnerable to other men, and need to be as careful.

    It’s just wise to not go looking for trouble IF you can avoid it. I’ve had the bruises to testify to that!

    Forgive us, Mirthy… we can’t help worrying about our ladies!


  13. Thanks for posting your outrage and sticking up for us gals. I read the same article and I was horrified that this woman shut her site down and canceled all public engagements. It is disgusting.

    I had no idea about Kay that would explain why she was shocked I wasn’t a troll.
    For what it’s worth, here in Texas our Attorney General (forgive him he’s a republican) has little to no tolerance for abuse, threats or internet BS. He has gone after internet issues in the past. She should contact him and turn the trolls over.

  14. Like I said nytexan, everyone deserves respect, no matter of being they are, unless they prove to be assholes by their own merit, or de-merit if you will.

    I’m not the usual political blogger as you can plainly see, but feel free to stop by and contribute some conspiracy theory “tinfoil” if you wish. 😉

  15. Conspiracy does peek my interest at time. I think we’ve been living one for last 7 years.

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