Tinfoil JFK

I haven’t posted anything good on the Kennedy conspiracy yet because most of the stuff has been recycled billions of times. When Watergate conspirator E. Howard Hunt passed away a few months back, there was some “scuttlebutt” (Marine Corps slang for rumors) going around that there was a “death-bed” confession about how JFK’s murder really went down. Well, it seems there’s a recording that Howard’s son, Saint John Hunt (gimme an effin’ break here) has in his possession that has his ol’ dear departed pappy’s “confession” and that he discussed this on the nationally syndicated Coast to Coast AM radio show this past weekend.

I haven’t listened to the clip, but I will later on, so I might update later on it.

And it’s brought to you by, you guessed it, prisonplanet.com!

JFK Murder Plot “Deathbed Confession”

Ain’t it cool!

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  1. Whether this was tinfoil, or Oswald alone, it’s still one of the turning points in American history from where we stopped being a Republic and started behaving like an Empire.

  2. I always thought the Hawks did JFK.

    After all, he wanted to withdraw U.S. troops from Viet Nam and this flew in the face of the chumps (Kissinger, McNamara, et al) who subscribed to the “Domino Principle.”

    It’s funny how the Warren Report was staffed by people like Gerald Ford, who would later become president.

  3. Dad, do you remember when Jack Anderson died awhile back? Well, apparently, the FBI was on his doorstep right after he did and demanded that Mrs. Anderson give up all of Anderson’s journalistic documents etc. that he had collected during his long career. She would not let them have the documents and many now believe the FBI wanted these papers because he had information in there that linked George H.W. Bush to JFK’s assassination! Interesting, huh? I guess when George Bush sealed his father’s presidential documents in 2000 he and the family had forgotten about ole Jack’s stuff. Oops. 🙂

  4. Here’s one link:


    The FBI is acting very very strange these days!

  5. Great link, Kay!

    Yep. The FBI has lots to worry about. 😉

  6. Saint John Hunt intimates that LBJ was heavily involved in JFK’s murder according to his father’s confession. The FBI was after Anderson’s old tapes and manuscripts. The Presidency became a bitter pill for LBJ to swallow because of Vietnam. Eventually Anderson’s papers are going to reveal illegal goings-on concerning Imperial America and the plan to make it that way.

    This is going to bite all of these criminals in the ass eventually because they’re finding out they cannot control the Dominionists like they thought. They loosed a djinn that will be almost impossible for the NWO to reign in and has an itchy nuclear trigger finger. Some of the Xtians love mammon, but there are true believers.

    Bad business.

  7. Never bought the LBJ connection to JFK. But I do think and I believe, the Military Industrial Complex was up to their balls in JFK’s assassination.

    They were invested in keeping the conflict going at warp speed. Just my opinion.

  8. The military-industrial-congressional-complex is invested in every war, and the Iraq war has been a very good payday for them and the oil industry.

    I think every American feels like an old street-walker (pick your sex, or have both) that’s been through a veeeerrrryyyy long train gang rape.

    If you have to borrow money just to eat, you’ve paid the MICC and oil company big shots enough money to feed the African continent and other developing countries T-bone steaks for 100 years. And you still have to eat tuna and noodle cassarole with your borrowed money.

    Yes, I feel violated and bitter.

  9. Gotta get ready for bed peoples, thread away if ya want, more tinfoil tomorrow.

  10. I love tinfoil. 🙂

  11. The son’s name is actually Saint John?!

  12. The British pronounce it “sin-jin” Mirth.

  13. Yup, that’s his moniker.

    Is the British pronounciation the right one Rock? Hunt wasn’t British, although he probably had regular contact with MI5 people over the years.

  14. Yo, Bro…


    Also, foil-bro, remember Sinjin Talbot of “The Final Frontier” Star Trek V episode? In the credits, his name is spelled “St.John”.

    He was the Terran ambassador on Nimbus III.

  15. Oh, okay. It still looked funny though. I listened to the recording too. Hunt went all over the place with this confession, he was out of it. But he fingered (or I should say hinted) LBJ. What I don’t understand is that if LBJ wanted to be President so bad to kill JFK, why did he give up so easily five years later? Vietnam? If that was so, LBJ showed a weakness of having a conscience. I’m not buying it.

    I’m more inclined to believe the NWO had Pappy Bush do the job, then point what ever finger there might be to LBJ. The Bush’s aren’t plagued with having a conscience.

  16. Kennedy was a bad boy in the eyes of the elitists for a couple of reasons…

    One, he helped thwart the elitist’s expansion into Cuba with the Bay of Pigs fiasco. Second, he was opposed to the banker’s monetary monopoly through the ‘Federal’ Reserve, and was in the process of issuing silver certificates instead of respecting the banker’s ‘promissory notes’… the ‘tender’ you guys use today. Check your money, see what it says. They are “notes” not tangible gold or silver, which is what is needed to back any national economy. Fiat currency does not provide surety, it is an inflationary device to give the illusion of stability and wealth.

    The last president that tried issuing gold-backed ‘real’ money paid with his life, too. Abraham Lincoln.

    The elite don’t want their monopoly disturbed.

  17. We have our own version of the Fed up here… The Bank of Canada. Another branch of the Rothschild empire. Our money is also stamped “note” and is, effectually, an I.O.U. The treasury does not have a fraction of the gold or silver store needed to back what is out there in I.O.U.’s, much like your Fort Knox.

    It’s official name is “Fractional Banking.”

    BTW… the date 1776 stamped on your dollar is not the date of independence, either. The Illuminati was officially founded in that year, under the leadership of Adam Weishaupt… esoteric extraordinaire, and a Zionist.

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