Friday Science Tinfoil (or is it?)

From NewScientistTech:

Fast silicon chips that use both light and electricity to process information and communicate could made be more efficient using a new “energy harvesting” technique developed by US researchers.

I heard rumors about silicon chips using optical means to process information faster, now it seems somebody might’ve solved the problem. ‘Energy Harvesting’

This one will make Mirthy happy:

For decades, posters depicting rabbits with inflamed, reddened eyes symbolised campaigns against the testing of cosmetics on animals. Now the most severe of those tests are to be banned across the European Union.

I’m an old softy when it comes to small animals. But I don’t let too many people know that, gotta maintain an image y’know. Europe bans most severe animal tests

This one here doesn’t surprise me much:

Cost and benefit

The most awaited figures of the report relate to the cost of limiting global warming. The final version says that stabilising concentrations of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere at between 590 and 710 parts per million (ppm) would cost 0.2% of global GDP. Computer modelling studies predict that within this range, global temperatures should not rise beyond 4°C.

Stabilising greenhouse gas concentrations at between 445 and 535 ppm will cost 3.0% of global GDP. Current concentrations are at 425 ppm. The IPCC’s best estimate is that 445 ppm will bring about a 2°C rise in global temperature.

But “there is only about a 40% chance of staying below 2°C even if we opt for 450 ppm stabilisation”, notes Myles Allen, of Oxford University in the UK.

The “pinch” point is 2050 as far as population growth and global warming are concerned, meaning that the Earth’s ecosphere will reach a stress point; runaway greenhouse effect and a population clash resulting in more wars and genocide over dwindling resources, water being a big one. But in the end, will it matter if the nation with the most money win? Price placed on limiting global warming.

It has been theorized that reducing caloric intake, and this has been proven with studies on mice, can lengthen life spans. Well, that’s ok, but I like to eat and most Americans do also. Now some wiz-kid has a possible way to get around this conundrum, using worms! A Lean Gene for Low-Cal Longevity

And I gotta add some tinfoil to Friday Science, or I would lose my credibility amongst the faithful, no?

As countless photos from space can attest, Earth is round—the “Blue Marble,” as astronauts have affectionately dubbed it. Appearances, however, can be deceiving. Planet Earth is not, in fact, perfectly round.

This is heresy! Columbus must be rolling in his grave! But St. Thomas of Friedman recently wrote a book about the Earth being ‘flat’. Okay, I won’t go there. Strange but True: Earth Is Not Round.

19 responses

  1. The reduced calorie diet would be good thing if I could stay away from chocolate. I became a chocolate junkie after I quit smoking cigarettes seven years ago. *sigh*. Traded one vice for another.

  2. Better chocolate than cigarettes. No one ever died from eating a Hershey’s Kiss. Unless it’s full of Melamine from China.

  3. I try to keep the chocolate urge down to a minimum, but I just have to have minuture Reeses Peanut Butter cups at times!

    I like peanut butter too, also a bad vice.

    Both of which are bad for my sugar.

  4. I eat anything that isn’t still moving or could eat me first. I know… I’m a bad boy!

    I responded to your comments on the last thread, guys.

  5. Dad, you are very right! An end to testing on animals makes me very happy. Results are mostly useless and most people would simply not believe the cruelty involved. Most animal testing is barbaric, and that’s putting it mildly. That’s why these abominations are mostly hidden from public view.

    Chocolate? One of life’s necessities! I should give you my recipe for Aztec Truffles…pretty easy to make, way chocolaty, and you can adjust their fire. Mmm Mmm Mmmmmmmm

  6. Rocky: Nothin’ like being a carnivore! *ears laid back, teeth bared, licking chops…eyeing Bamb…oops, sorry Mirth*

    Mirthy: Spicy chocolate? Intriguing. Shoot me the recipe.

  7. I’ll find it, Dad, and send it along.

  8. Thanks Mirthy!

    Also I left a comment at your site and I think Akismet ate it.

  9. Oops…I’ll go look for it right now, Dad, and smack Akismet while I’m at it.

  10. I hadn’t heard the year 2050 as being the “pinch” point. I would have thought it would be sooner. As violent and as war torn as the 20th century was, I fear it will seem peaceful in comparison to the 21st. Many of the worlds rescources are coming to critically low points (oil, water and with the reduction in bee populations, food) add to that the ever increasing populations and something has got to give.

  11. According to the Mayans, the calender ends in 2012, so Dad…eat lots of chocolate and don’t worry about the shape of the Earth, because it won’t matter!

    Not sure I believe the Mayans but if Jeb Bush becomes president in 2008 which will put him in control from 2008-2012, I’ll freak out. 😆

  12. I was hoping someone else other than ME would bring up 2012! Thanx, Kay! That’s the time set by the elitists for the establishment of their central world government, and being that they are occultic, they deliberately coincided that date with the Mayan calender.

  13. I figured the NWO had Hillary in the bag for 2008 to shepard the coming North American Union after Bu$h finishes ruining the Old United States by attacking Iran (The Nimitz battle fleet is headed there now to jion the others). The US will be the world pariah, China and others crash the petro-dollar mirage, economy in ruins. What else could help America’s economy recover if not in partnership with Canada and Mexico to pick up some of the pieces? Of course we have all those delightful nuclear weapons to sell like the old USSR did for hard currency to help back the infant Amero. 2012 for world government? Maybe. It’s a known fact that Hillary has already been vetted by the Bilderbergers, like Bill was. I already mentioned on Mirthy’s(or Christopher’s)site that Hillary would be a better neoliberal care-taker after a war than Bill was when he watched over Poppy’s war results.

    I love it when a plan comes together! More tinfoil please!

  14. oops. jion = join

    gettinf dyslexic. time for bed all, seeij shit backwars, meds and all.

  15. Jeeze.
    Just shoot me now.

  16. Dad, when you are doing the writing, no one cares about the spelling. It’s the content, Baby!


  17. I’ve heard rumors that Queen Hillary is the first women to be invited to the Bohemian Grove to attend the mock ritual child sacrifice to Mollak. I would love to see video footage of it.

    And wingers say I’m not worthy because I’m gay? Are they kidding me?

  18. Hillary is being vetted by the NWO via this ceremony.

    Hillary is leading through the 2012 time frame for NAU.

    Bu$h still has until this September to trash the country real good.

    After 2009, he’ll be in Paraguay out of everybody’s reach and Cheney will be in Hell serving Lucifer. Bet.

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