Sunday Tinfoil

I thought about posting talking D.C. Beltway booble-head…er…bobble-head links, but I just can’t bring myself to do that today, Opit and Americablog do a much better job than I do. So I’ll do what I do best, post some plausible tinfoil meme and see if it takes root.

The Week in Review: The Revolution Will Be Posted

If nothing else, social news site learned that its users don’t dig being censored.

Tuesday was a whirlwind day for Digg, complete with a cease-and-desist letter, a mutinous user base and speculation that it might get sucked into a legal battle. In a blog post Tuesday afternoon, Digg CEO Jay Adelson wrote that the company was pulling down a number of news stories pertaining to a cracked HD DVD encryption key that could circumvent the digital rights management restrictions on the media discs.

The reason for the move, he said, was a cease-and-desist letter on behalf of the Advanced Access Content System, the consortium with ownership rights to the key that had been cracked. By including stories that linked to the key, the letter argued, Digg was breaking the law.

Spreading a busted encryption key all over the ‘Tubes? I can see where that can cause problems. And not just copyright issues either. And this must give Big Brother pause because no matter how good their datamining techniques or encryption keys are, there are people capable of breaking them and spreading counter memes all over the place. I don’t think all of those FEMA camps can hold that many people.

Weird Web Trail: Conspiracy Theory – Or Marketing For Nine Inch Nails LP?

A dystopian civilization in the throes of extinction. A government poisoning its own citizens through the drinking water. Military police raiding private residences. The end of civil liberties. The creation of a Church-State. Mind control.

The contents of some conspiracy theorist’s personal manifesto? The plot of a rote first-person shooter? The results of a quick jaunt through Actually, it’s all part of the elaborate (and somewhat terrifying) concept behind Nine Inch Nails’ upcoming Year Zero album (due April 17), details of which are currently being disseminated through a series of increasingly spooky — and downright odd — Web sites

That is quite a concept and entirely creepy because of its distinct plausibility. I haven’t heard anything from the NIN in years, in fact I thought they were broken up, like most of the 1990s alternative bands I listened to.

I’m going to keep my eyes and ears open for this on the ‘tubes, this will definately grow feet and run.

I’d Buy That For A Dollar: Approaching  “Robocop” World

“Stay out of trouble!”: Meet the future of law enforcement.

Until recently, Juan Rodriguez was a freeway patrolman employed by the City of Chicago. Now he cruises the Chicago Skyway “for private owners,” reports the current issue of Business Week. “In the past, [Rodriguez] had to write out a ticket for each problem” — such as disabled vehicles, potholes, tire debris, and other traffic impediments. It would often taken the sclerotic municipal services department days to deal with the backlog.

However, on this particular morning all of the problems are cleared up before 10:30, which demonstrated to Rodriguez that the Skyway’s new owners “are taking the Skyway to a whole new level.”

The site this little story is from is run by a Christian Libertarian. He probably has voted GOPer like most libertarians do, but read the rest of this article before you prejudge; he mentions alot of things that the NWO is doing in this country, he even mentions the super-highway that’s being built through the heart of the Nation, so I don’t think he’s voted GOPer in quite a while.

I’m finding that alot of Xtians have a good handle on the NWO and the Dominionists. Who better to spot imposters that mouth platitudes?

6 responses

  1. I gotta go out and try to get my lawnmower functional, a yearly ritual that generally fails and I end up taking it in and spending a hundred bucks to get the damn thing(s)going.

    Wish me luck.

  2. How much does the thing cost ? With spring specials being what they are I’d look at age and condition before going nuts on repairs. Not that recycling isn’t a definite good, but my patience has limits.
    Thanks for the link, BTW. provides a free keyscrambler to help make malware have a harder time spy on your system. I’ve used it for months with few problems.
    The RoboCop world must be the reason for sabotage of public systems : corporate takeover a systemic change.

  3. No, it didn’t give a cost. Recycling doesn’t bother me, I’ve been a mech/tech all of my life.

    Thanx for the download. I have Spybot and I update it weekly. But when my youngest daughter plays Mahjong, the browser slows down until I clean a couple of bots out. Will this over ride the Spybot?

    Yup, exacta-mundo on the sabotage on public systems breakdown/corpo take over. Happening faster than we realize because the Corps that are doing the buying, already own the MSM.

  4. It sends signals from keyboard in code so a reader sneaked past your defenses can’t read what you are typing and report on your entries.
    I take it you mean Spybot Antivirus, not just the cleanup for garbageware available for free.
    I haven’t tried that as I use Panda’s system ( it can be a bear to install ): I doubt it would be a problem and am surprised you find anything reasonably decent at cleanup. Most fixes don’t cover all bases.
    I expect you defrag weekly to keep things neat ? Antivirus efficiency is affected by file disorder.
    If you’re not antivirus equipped, have a look at Avast.
    I’m happy browsing with Firefox 2.0, which updates automatically and has good toys, including NoScript for Javascript filtering; although I play with Opera and Avant just cuz.

  5. Is Avast free?

    I try to defrag weekly, but mostly bi-weekly. I got the Spybot from a friend of mine who works in IT here at work. I update that weekly.

  6. Avast was recommended by my IT – I believe it’s free. If not, AVG is. Spybot and AdAware aren’t usually left active on a system, just used to clear out trash. I used to hang out at Washington Post’s tech column with Rob Pegeroro and pick up tips because I have a free subscription: haven’t done that for a while. You’re right – there can be conflict between different programs trying to keep out malware when more than one is running at the same time. Usually there are notes on the supplier’s site about how to use it and what is compatible.

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