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Gimme that “New” Time Religion

Science, and science-fiction specifically have influenced generations of people for over a hundred years. Many a physicist, engineer, college professor, jet pilot and chemist have read Wells, Verne, Asimov, Heinlein, Pohl, Williamson, Bear, Brin and Clarke under a shade tree when they were a kid. Yours truly included.

But little did I know that all of these brainy people, (well, most of them), were being subtlety, insidiously indoctrinated into a religious cult according to Michael Hoffman:

“Traditionally, ‘science fiction’ has appeared to most people as an adolescent genre, the province of time-wasting fantasies. This has been the great strength of this genre as a vehicle for the inculcation of the ideology favored by the Cryptocracy. As J.H. Towsen points out in Clowns, only when people think they are not buying something can the real sales pitch begin. While it is true that with the success of NASA’s Gemini space program and the Apollo moon flights more serious attention and respectability was accorded ‘science fiction,’ nonetheless in its formative seeding time, from the late 19th century through the 1950s, the predictive program known as ‘science fiction’ had the advantage of being derided as the solitary vice of misfit juveniles and marginal adults.”

Wow. Sci-fi as religion? I guess it could be. I know secular humanism has been derided as a false religion by the wing-nuts, but science-fiction?

Thus, “science fiction” is a means of conditioning the masses to accept future visions that the elite wish to tangibly enact. This process of gradual and subtle inculcation is dubbed “predictive programming.” Hoffman elaborates: “Predictive programming works by means of the propagation of the illusion of an infallibly accurate vision of how the world is going to look in the future” (205). Also dubbed “sci-fi inevitabilism” by Hoffman, predictive programming is analogous to a virus that infects its hosts with the false belief that it is:

  • Useless to resist central, establishment control.
  • Or it posits a counter-cultural alternative to such control which is actually a counterfeit, covertly emanating from the establishment itself.
  • That the blackening (pollution) of earth is as unavoidable as entropy.
  • That extinction (‘evolution”) of the species is inevitable.
  • That the reinhabitation of the earth by the “old gods” (Genesis 6:4), is our stellar scientific destiny. (8)

Memes (contagious ideas) are instilled through the circulation of “mass appeal” documents under the guise of “science fiction” literature. Once subsumed on a psychocognitive level, these memes become self-fulfilling prophecies, embraced by the masses and outwardly approximated through the efforts of the elite.

I love science-fiction. Even if it is a tool of the NWO, well so what. I’m still going to read my old classics underneath the lilac tree in my hammock this summer.

Sci-fi as indocrination, love it! Good tinfoil!

Fiction as a Precursor to Fact: Sci-fi “Predictive Programming” and the Emergent World Religion