Mother’s Day Tinfoil Humor

Ok, maybe not so much tinfoil, but just something to wish all you mothers out there, real moms, not those who are always accused of being “mothers”, a Happy Mother’s Day!

13 responses

  1. My wife’s motto.

  2. Does your wife blog? Is she a political animal like us?

  3. Oh heck no, she’s a technophobe. I’ve tried to teach her how to do email, but she refused.

    She always complains I’m on the computer too much.

  4. *Laughing my f…..g ass off!*

    Dad… are you LOOKING for trouble?

  5. NOW… my wife is pissed at ME for something YOU posted!! ROTFLMAO!!

    Oh, man… what a week! LOL!

    Someone just shoot me!

  6. To top it all off, now I see I’ve typed the wrong *@!*#&! url into your comment box (again)… I’ve got a WordPress account, now! LOL!

    Perish the thought!!!

  7. Hey, Dad. She may be a technophobe, but she knows where you are – at home in front of the computer. You aren’t out at the clubs chatting up some 21 year old.

  8. Poor Highwayman, tough week! And not all his fault either! I’ve been involved in all of it, or most of it anyway! I’m sorry dude!

    Christopher: My wife just saw my post and swatted me with a pillow! LMFAO! Good thing that was the only thing close by!

    She saw your response and said, “You’re right, I know where he is all of the time!”

    She does too. Kinda hard to escape when one can’t drive anymore. 😉

  9. No worries, Marine… just the way it is with me.

  10. Happy Mother’s Day, Mrs. Dad!

  11. She says thank you Highwayman, and everyone else! 🙂

  12. Dad, I love this poster for Mother’s Day! Why? Because it shows that we women speak up when others are afraid to. 🙂

    I don’t think I’ve ever remained silent in my life. LMAO

  13. Kay you definately got the message of the post!

    I hope you had a great Mother’s Day! 😉

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