Daily Archives: May 16th, 2007

Femme Fatale Transhumanism and the Return of the Bionic Woman

Remember Heather Mills? Sir Paul McCartney’s much maligned second wife? Well, she recently made quite a splash and cut a good rug on Dancing With The Stars. What’s the big deal you may ask? Heather was dancing with the use of an artificial leg. She didn’t make it all the way though from what I understand (I don’t partake of such TV fare) but the point is that artificial limb technology has reached a level where the recipients are living a lifestyle indistinguishable form anybody else. And they’re flaunting their difference too:

…Sarah Reinertsen, the athlete featured in the Times article, surrounded by dancers in a nightclub while fully revealing her artificial leg below a skirt. And not just revealing, but proclaiming her difference.

These women by the very definition of the term are true transhumanists, whether they realize it or not.

Which brings us to the new Bionic Woman. It is a remake of Lindsey Wagner’s 1970s show of the same title, but using not quite available technology (show is set in 2017) and of course, the heroine using her new capabilities to fight futuristic baddies.

But the show might be dated by the time it comes out to the public, (fall 2007?) because of the examples of the women previously mentioned. If these women and others are utilizing the present technology to the fullest now (running, dancing, riding motorcycles), what are the chances that people who are classified as “disabled” now, will be humanity’s first “superhumans” ten years from now?

Person with disability? Superhero? Why not both?