Comet killed first Americans

From Guardian Unlimited via RawStory:

Scientists will outline dramatic evidence this week that suggests a comet exploded over the Earth nearly 13,000 years ago, creating a hail of fireballs that set fire to most of the northern hemisphere.

Primitive Stone Age cultures were destroyed and populations of mammoths and other large land animals, such as the mastodon, were wiped out. The blast also caused a major bout of climatic cooling that lasted 1,000 years and seriously disrupted the development of the early human civilisations that were emerging in Europe and Asia.

This might be a certifiable scientific discovery of the possibilty of pre-Egyptian/Sumerian civilizations. Tinfoil for now, proof to come?


The melt down of the last great Ice Age set in motion evolutionary forces that resulted in the development of human civilization. The Ice Age didn’t simply melt down; it collapsed. Compared to the build up phase of the Ice Age, the melt down was sudden and swift. In some parts of the world, it was an ecological disaster. Our ancestors’ Stone Age economies crashed. Those who survived were the ones who adopted agriculture and animal husbandry to replace their hunting and gathering economies. That was the beginning of “civilization.”

The sun shining on warm equatorial oceans lifts water vapor high up into the atmosphere. Air currents carry large amounts of that water vapor to cooler latitudes away from the equator. Some of that moisture remains in the coldest latitudes in the form of ice and frost. During the last great Ice Age, that process lowered sea level of the world oceans to 120 meters below present sea level.

That build up process of the Ice Age is well understood. The causes of the melt down of the Ice Age are not so well understood. There are numerous “greenhouse” theories that attempt to explain the melt down. Atmospheric CO2 appears as the main “culprit” in most of those theories. However, no carbon cycle theory is adequately able to explain how a CO2 greenhouse occurred that was capable of melting the polar ice caps and vast regions of permafrost in northern latitudes. The cause of the melt down of the Ice Age is still a matter of conjecture and discussion.

Could the exploding comet explain the sudden Ice-Age meltdown? Tinfoil to consider.

Human civilization is a direct consequence of the melt down of the Ice Age and flooding of the Mediterranean Basin.

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  1. The last time I posted pre-Sumerian/Egyptian tinfoil, I nearly caused a melee. The risks of blogging I guess.

  2. There are recognized natural processes in action today that no doubt are similar to events in the distant past. How much and when those processes shaped the present geological and climatic paradigm varies from scientist to scientist, with some agreement on the more significant and prominent theories and conjecture, yet still leaving much room for speculation on lesser issues.

    For example, there is little variation on when the mass extinctions of reptiles supposedly took place, but there is significant debate on what these beasts ate, their locomotion, reproductive instincts and habits were, etc., so that there is no absolute and authoritative picture of their lives, or their environment that would eliminate any possibility for further debate on the subject; possibly even leading back to the more definitive agreement as to when it was they died en masse, and as to what caused their extinction, and casting doubt upon it’s certainty, as well.

    The parallels between this and the theological debate are astounding, and equally confounding and frustrating. In essence, for all concerned, there is a huge amount of ‘faith’ required for all proponents in their search for truth.

  3. I think the sticking point is the time scale involved. People who support the “young Earth” theory are considered crazy because of the scientific evidence “proving” the geological age of the planet. In reponse the young Earthers say that the testing methods used to calculate the age are themselves faulty and inconclusive, thus splitting the common ground.

    I myself think that God thinks outside of our timescale altogether, there is no “linear time” to God.

    Isn’t there a Bible verse that claims God “is God now, then and forever will be” the same?

    So maybe both claims are correct.

  4. I don’t feel that God is subject to time as we are. Yes, there are references to His innate immortality, and also to His immutability of character in that He never changes in His objectivity or purpose. He exists contemporaneously in every dimension of time and space… indeed, these are subject to Him and not the other way around, being as they are His creation as well. These characteristics are what it is that marks deity.

    I can see where some might think there would be less romance and mystery in life, and possibly even no particular purpose for ever undertaking deep space exploration or searching for other intelligences when God has everything ‘sewn up’ so to speak. Personally, I think that having the knowledge that there is a divine presence will not inhibit anyone from undertaking any extraterrestrial voyages in the future; rather, knowing that there is a benevolent God watching over things might bring the assurance that, ultimately, there is someone watching out for man, and will ensure his survival so that he can reach out for the stars.

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