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HIV/AIDS, Roswell and the NWO

I came across an interesting piece of info this morning about the HIV/AIDS virus I’m sure someone must’ve theorized earlier, the possibility that the AIDS virus is of extraterrestrial origin. But news of the AIDS epidemic has died down over the past few years. Why is that? I myself didn’t think to pose the question until I read this:

Are you aware that the HIV/AIDS virus is not of an earthly origin? It was provided by an alien presence after the Roswell incident in 1947. They also provided the vaccine/cure for this disease. This disease was unleashed on the world in 1971, in the Panama Canal area, by a covert/shadow government that wanted to drastically reduce the world population. The WTC was the headquarters of this government, that’s why it was destroyed. The Pentagon had to be attacked to destroy evidence that this covert/shadow government was financed with the $2.3 trillion in missing funds Sec. Rumsfeld spoke of on Sept. 10, 2001 and that US servicemen were used as carriers of this disease> I enlisted in the USAF in 71, I cannot get a copy of my military immunization/vaccination records. I was stationed at Howard AFB C.Z. in 71.

I am almost certain that somebody must have surely asked the question about alien origins for diseases before. In fact, the proposal that Earth is being seeded periodically by alien life through meteors or comets isn’t a “tinfoil” idea at all, and that life on Earth is extraterrestrial in origin. And the NWO isn’t adverse to the idea of using what ever there is at hand to help them cement their control over the planet, native or non-native weapons of mass destruction do the job just as good.

So the idea that diseases created from biological material from cometary “DNA” to be used in population control, or for war isn’t far-fetched at all and a movie from 1971 proposed that very thing. Remember The Andromeda Strain?

Did Aliens Give Us AIDS?