HIV/AIDS, Roswell and the NWO

I came across an interesting piece of info this morning about the HIV/AIDS virus I’m sure someone must’ve theorized earlier, the possibility that the AIDS virus is of extraterrestrial origin. But news of the AIDS epidemic has died down over the past few years. Why is that? I myself didn’t think to pose the question until I read this:

Are you aware that the HIV/AIDS virus is not of an earthly origin? It was provided by an alien presence after the Roswell incident in 1947. They also provided the vaccine/cure for this disease. This disease was unleashed on the world in 1971, in the Panama Canal area, by a covert/shadow government that wanted to drastically reduce the world population. The WTC was the headquarters of this government, that’s why it was destroyed. The Pentagon had to be attacked to destroy evidence that this covert/shadow government was financed with the $2.3 trillion in missing funds Sec. Rumsfeld spoke of on Sept. 10, 2001 and that US servicemen were used as carriers of this disease> I enlisted in the USAF in 71, I cannot get a copy of my military immunization/vaccination records. I was stationed at Howard AFB C.Z. in 71.

I am almost certain that somebody must have surely asked the question about alien origins for diseases before. In fact, the proposal that Earth is being seeded periodically by alien life through meteors or comets isn’t a “tinfoil” idea at all, and that life on Earth is extraterrestrial in origin. And the NWO isn’t adverse to the idea of using what ever there is at hand to help them cement their control over the planet, native or non-native weapons of mass destruction do the job just as good.

So the idea that diseases created from biological material from cometary “DNA” to be used in population control, or for war isn’t far-fetched at all and a movie from 1971 proposed that very thing. Remember The Andromeda Strain?

Did Aliens Give Us AIDS?

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  1. I first heard of AIDS in the early 1980s, the author of this piece states that the virus was utilized in 1971 in order to spread properly and has a 10 year incubation period.

    Sounds logical to me.

  2. I read a piece years ago that speculated that the HIV virus was created by the military with the intention of being weaponized. Nothing would surprise me when it comes to the U.S. military.

    Ultimately, I think that theory was disproven as science has concluded that the HIV virus originated in semians and mutated to become its current variant after humans were bit by infected monkeys in Central Afica.

    The chronology of infection is where it becomes really interesting to me. Contrary to the “Patient Number One” story that details a patient in 1981 in NYC (a flight attendant) being the first AIDS patient, there was a Danish female doctor living and working in Central Africa in the 1950’s who had a relationship with an African man. The doctor became ill and died of causes no one could identify at the time. Scientist now think she was infected with HIV. That would backdate the “Patient Number One” case by more than 20 years.

  3. You’re batting .500 when it comes to credible sources on the ‘tubes, that’s why it’s tinfoil.

    But the link about panspermia is credible. Chances are that anything with Fred Hoyle’s name on it is pretty factual.

    By the way, how was the game?

  4. LMAO!

    Me loves sperm. Can’t help myself.

    The game was dreadful. Andy Pettitte was great but, as usual, the Yankees had no offense. They’re tied for last place now with Tampa — Tampa, can you fucking believe that? I think the Yankees are 12 or 13 games behind the BoSox now.

    The season, it be over. I think I’ll start watching the Brewers.

  5. I meant seeding planets with life, you naughty man! LMAO!

    Seriously though, ever watch the movie Evolution with David Duchovny, the X-Files guy? A meteor crashes that has an alien one-celled lifeform in it that escapes and spreads, threatening to take over the Earth.

    A different take on the alien conquest theme, but it has some science behind it.

    I don’t think AIDS is alien either, but I don’t doubt that the NWO would engineer something to kill whole populations. Control is their goal.

    I think that an alien virus would have to adapt pretty fast before a native virus come along and tried to kill it.

    Having said that, viruses on meteors (or space probes)would be the way to transport DNA in space, simple, hardy (pretty much radiation proof) and all they would need once they got to where they were going would be a host (cells) to steal genetic material from. Panspermia on the cheap.

  6. BTW, I’ve been watching the Mets, Willy R. has them playing pretty good ball.

    And Rocket isn’t going to save the Yanks this time around, he’s feeling the heat already and he isn’t even in the clubhouse yet!

  7. I have always thought the origins of human life as we know it arrived on earth from a meteor(s) crashing and depositing the gentic material.

    Don’t buy the Biblical explanation — that one never made sense to me.

    I like the Mets. Willy has been a super manager and he’s assembled a great team. I like David Wright a lot. He’s easy on the eyes and he plays damn well too.

  8. Life via collision theory is very popular with biologists now, given the nature of all of the cratering that is in evidence all over the Solar System.

    Something hitchhiking on comets billions of years ago sounds pretty alluring and hip in this day of Battlestar Galactica and Stargate(s).

    I myself think life is native here, starting in the bottom of the ocean near heat vents, the survival rate is better. Surviving entry into an atmosphere is risky business.

    David Wright is a good player, I just check out his stats, not his abs! LOL!

  9. Seems to me I ran into a theory at one time that suggested Earth plant life would be better adjusted to a slightly different spectra than the one from our Sun. I know what Christopher’s talking about when he says it was suggested AIDS mutated from simians. That’s not too far a throw from chimpanzee,etc. research going back to the start of the space program in the late 50’s. I recall seeing Bradford ( Think that’s his name ) in a movie about chimps piloting nuke-carrying miniplanes on doomsday missions – terrain recognition being beyond computer tech of the time.
    Anyway, stories about an African “thin disease” and an offshore quarantine island off East Africa are running through my forgettery.

  10. Oops. That was the Atlantic side, I think. getting directions in a schmozzle.

  11. That’s okay Opit, I’m like that toward the end of the day too. 😉

    On topic, I never understood the simian crossover thing, that would require sexual contact, or having some kind of fluid contact and the virus mutating to match human genes wouldn’t it?

    I know that chimps are close to humans genetically (98%), but is that 2% enough to mutate a virus to a point where you couldn’t build an immunity? Maybe.

  12. Did aliens give us AIDS? That’s kinda creepy considering the fact that it is a sexually transmited disease… ewww.

  13. Wild monkey is a delicacy – especially brains.

  14. BTW Viruses are by nature unstable and mutate their coatings naturally. It isn’t as if 2% is such a difference to something that just wants lunch and has nothing resembling finesse.

  15. Yes , the hiv virus was created by extra terrestrials. But not to kill us!
    We need to have zero immune system so we can adjust to life in their dimension when the world ends.

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