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European Bilderbergers not happy with new World Bank President Replacement

From prisonplanet.com:

“… according to our sources at the conference, European Bilderbergers are not at all pleased with continuing the status quo, in which the US nominates a single candidate after informal consultations with bank members”.

The nomination also appears to short-circuit burgeoning calls for reform of this selection process at the bank, one of the cornerstones of the global financial architecture as designed by the victors of World War II.

One Belgian Bilderberger proposed “a merit-based selection process, without regard to nationality,” something which will obviously be discarded by the inept Bush administration. What is rather quite remarkable is that on several occasions European Bilderbergers have openly rejected the current model saying “the nomination reeks of double standards,” especially because both the US and the World Bank preach accountability and transparency to developing countries, the main clients of the bank.

The Bilderbergers are just one organization under the umbrella of the NWO, principally banking and finance, political policy and resource management. The past seven years there has been a division between the American and European Bilderbergers over the Middle Eastern oil resources. The Americans want to establish a regional hegemony extending from the Horn of Africa to Central Asia, splitting a rift between the old East European Soviet Republics and Russia. Destabilizing Iran, by out-right war or covert action is needed by the Americans in order for this to happen.

But the European Bilderbergers, Russians and the Chinese countered by signing gas and oil pipeline deals with Eastern Europe and oil bourse and nuclear help deals with Iran.

To quote one source at the Bilderberger Conference: “There is blood in the water, and blood in the water usually leads to a good fight”.

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