Daily Archives: June 4th, 2007

Preliminary 2007 Bilderberg Results

The following from reporter Daniel Estulin of prisonplanet.com has a preliminary report from sources inside the annual Bilderberg Conference held in Istanbul, Turkey this year:

Thanks to our inside sources at the conference, we have compiled what we believe to be an accurate and a credible model of Bilderberger 2007 conclusions. We are working against the clock to bring this information into the open. Our Robert Zoellick report from Friday has now been confirmed by the Financial Times when this well respected periodical announced on the front page of June 2, 2007 edition that “Robert Zoellick is the World Bank’s new chief.” We, of course, already knew that. The issues we are working on deal with European Bilderbergers anger at Bush´s shift on climate issue, the upcoming G8 meeting in Heiligendamm, Germany where Merkel and her European Bilderberg allies will position themselves as true leaders of the environment. European Bilderbergers were fairly unhappy that a pre-G8 Bilderberg could not resolve and reconcile contradictory views on the issue. As one German attendee stated, “This requires feats of diplomatic acrobatics, something unfortunately greatly lacking in the current U.S. administration.”

The Bilderbergers are very upset with the neocon’s ineptness in diplomacy and international goals. Obviously the purely Zionist agenda has the European branch of the Bilderbergs mad as a nest of wet hornets. To read the rest of the column here.