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Alien Abduction Tinfoil

I’ve been promising this to Christopher of From The Left for a while now, so I think I’d better pay up with this little post about alien abductions.

I have not personally known anybody who has been abducted, nor have myself been abducted (as far as I’m aware of). The experience has been called a “waking dream”, “sleep paralysis”, “religious experiences” and other disorders like narcolepsy and schitzophrenia by sceptics.

But Donald Worley is a believer. Mr. Worley has investigated alien abductions since the Seventies and has written several articles on the subject. His latest is The Progression Of Alien Tactics, the thesis being that aliens have us under increasing scrutiny because we are a dangerous species with dangerous toys:


I am not saying that long ago the higher echelons of space time dimensional intelligence had not been watching us but with the introduction of nuclear power and its use, they really became concerned. Such awesome power was now in the hands of seemingly insane inhabitants who wreak wholesale destruction on each other.

It is in the alien tactics of temporary human abduction that we see progressing to important successive changes in their operational methods. In the early post war years, we have seen abductions in which hovering above, landing, and beam projection to levitate an auto were used to obtain humans…”

The issue I have with alien abductions isn’t that the incidents are pure craziness spouted by the “abductees”, it’s the idea that humans are being kidnapped because we are a dangerous race. What would be the alien’s purpose for that? Breeding gentler humans? If that’s the case, they’ve failed miserably. I would sooner believe that a certain faction of a ‘galactic empire’ was breeding us to be ‘perfect warriors’ so humans can be cannon-fodder in some distant interstellar war.

But Worley does attempt to make a sound case for the abduction victims so the patina of insanity doesn’t dog their lives forever and there are other good articles at the site.

It’s up to you to interpret the data. Alien Abduction Experience and Research