The NWO, Majestic 12 and Grey Aliens

I have been ranting about the NWO (New World Order) on the ‘Tubes for quite a while now. In my time of researches I have found many links between assassinations, banks, military, families, secret societies, drug lords, illegal arms sales, oil companies, neo-conservatives, Zionists and how it all seems to fit into a neat conspiracy puzzle that bodes ill for the people of the United States and the world at large. Some of my friends who are Christian (not fundies, there is a difference!) say this is the prophesy of St. John the Divine, author of the Bible’s Book of the Revelation coming to pass.

The country-boy baptist side of my psyche who still fears God and Jesus deep down agrees with this assessment. But the post-WWII rational-techno-science/science-fiction side of me questions this meme (I can be conflicted at times, like Newton was). I guess what I’m saying is that I’m seeking a Grand Unified Explanation like the alchemists of old and the quantum physicists of today. I simply cannot accept the black and white version of reality.

My searching for the MJ-12 (Majestic 12) documents and the links between UFOs, abductions, grey aliens, Roswell and the NWO have turned up this article by John White (might not be real name) on the UFO WhipNet. In it he links the various conspiracies that are plaguing the planet today:

If the Gray aliens have been conducting a genetic experiment or an interspecies breeding program for at least several decades–which Budd Hopkins’ work indicates–then there could be humans who’ve been raised under alien control since infancy and who are thoroughly alien in their loyalties and psychology, although they certainly would be able to pass as “real” people. While seeming to be ordinary citizens, they would nevertheless be at least programmed, if not naturally inclined through psychological bonding, to identify with the alien culture…

And this:

This infiltration activity would not be limited to the USA. If the Gray aliens are doing it here, they’re doing it everywhere. Of course, being scheming and untrustworthy, bent on planetary domination, they would not have told anything about this to MJ-12 or other official government/military groups they might have contacted over the decades. And if they contacted MJ-12 or its successors, we can be fairly certain they’ve contacted the Soviet Union and other major powers, but wouldn’t have let each know about the others. The infiltration would represent a hidden agenda behind their relatively more open agenda with MJ-12. (“Open” is hardly the right word for an “Above Top Secret” operation, as the MJ-12 documents have been classified, but the alien infiltration of civilization would be above even that.)


So, the more intelligent approach would be to co-opt the human race–subvert it through a cultural conditioning control system such as Jacques Valle suggests in Dimensions. The MJ-12 group and its counterparts in other nations would be the starting point. Here’s where the plot thickens. In fact, it ties in with more mundane conspiracy theories in the political sphere which allege that the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Trilateralists, Bilderbergers, Council on Foreign Relations and other groups are the hidden powers and the secret establishments directing world affairs through international banking and control of the media, education, science and military/political institutions in order to set up a one-world social order with themselves at the seats of power.

more yet…

If the aliens have secretly planted their agents throughout civilization for decades and if they are pursuing contact with the top echelons of power here in the USA via MJ-12 and its successors–as suggested by reports of Project Aquarius, Project Sigma, Project Garnet and Project Snowbird in Jerome Clark’s four-part review of UFO crash/retrievals in Fate earlier this year–then over the years they could have been playing out a hand that was strategized nowhere but in Hell. Look at the membership of those power groups such as MJ-12. They lead straight into the heart of the most disturbing “conventional” conspiracy theories about international finance and military/political intrigue. For example, consider the Skull and Bones Society at Yale. It is, from the political conspiracy theorists’ point of view, the quintessential “evil empire” within the USA. George Bush, McGeorge Bundy, and a large number of the Trilateral Commission members and the Council of Foreign Relations were tapped by this secret society while they were undergraduates at Yale and were bound by an oath of secrecy to loyalty to the “Bones” purpose, which goes far, far beyond simple collegial fraternity and the typical “good ol’ boy” network.

To play the ‘Devil’s Advocate’ here, I would ask, “Why would an advanced culture, that would certainly be a Kardashev Type III/IV Civilization, be playing around with primitives like us, other than the fact that we developed dangerous play-toys that kill millions and billions?” Is that a good enough reason? Maybe. We could be in a game preserve of a galactic empire.

But then again, why Jane Goodall has, and still studies chimpanzees?


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  1. This article names sources I’ll follow up on later.

    Some good tinfoil hat stuff, no?

  2. Because we have water.

    I read an once read an article by a scientist who speculated that water maybe in short supply in much of this galaxy. Hence, why life as we know may only exist on every one-in-144,000 solar systems.

    Just a thought.

  3. Uber Highwayman | Reply

    Yo, leathernecked compadre …

    “I have been ranting about the NWO (New World Order) on the ‘Tubes for quite a while now.”

    Hey… it’s time to turn this thing around, Amigo… if we’re ranting, let the dissenters PROVE we’re wrong, eh? There is a new term making the rounds: “Non-Conspiracy Theorist.” It’s getting the same “crank” distinction we’ve got with the so-called “enlightened” folk who deem alternate views as idiot ravings.

    C’mon, “enlightened” ones… ante up! YOU tell US why things are the way they are, and PROVE it to our satisfaction! Don’t seem so bewildered by what goes on when your superior reason and information about ‘reality’ tells you that things shouldn’t be happening this way!

    (Now THAT’S a rant, Dad!)

    We’re the reformers, Dad.


  4. Uber Highwayman | Reply

    With that out of the way, I’d like to say that I do try to keep an open mind about all things. I think we all eventually reach a level of perceived reality that we’re comfortable with, and are reluctant to leave. I’m no exception to the rule…

    As far as controversy goes; my beliefs on reality certainly seem to be the epitome of “tin foil”…

    … with the liberal crowd, anyway!


  5. Uber Highwayman | Reply

    This has been my typical long-winded way of saying that I don’t believe that ET is doing it to us… the devil’s “elite” are!

    The ULTIMATE foil!

  6. Uber Highwayman | Reply

    I’ll shut up, now…

  7. I was checking out The Smirking Chimp site last night because I followed a link there and read some interesting comments about the NWO and neocons.

    Hmmm, I thought to myself, Jeff Tiedrich moderated me pretty good a few times for mentioning the Bilderbergs, NWO, the CFR and what-not, even scolding me for posting tinfoil.

    What a difference a couple of years make!

    And yeah Uber, I’ve read that term “non-conspiracy theorist” also. And I agree.

    Make them prove us wrong.

  8. Alternet, a blog I usually enjoy, has a piece up written by one Joshua Holland.

    Holland, efforts to debunk the N.A.U. (North American Union) and even goes so far as to charge people who believe it as indulging in “xenophobia.”

    It’s a stunning piece of disinformation clearly written by a kid with no understanding of NAFTA and globalism in the 21st century.

    I’m so glad I turned down an offer to write for them.

  9. Clearly he hasn’t read up on NAFTA and CAFTA. And how can he link this to xenophobia? The NAU is all of the continent. Not unless he’s misinterpreting being against it as xenophobia.

    Clearly misinformed.

  10. I thought myself that Spielberg and Streiber had come up with new ideas consistent with ‘tinkering’ with humanity having been a phenomenon for eons – just that hypnosis or similar technique was mixed with a program of fixed delusions adequate to sidetrack rational analysis, tailored to current social ‘perceptions’.

  11. truthshallsetyoufree | Reply

    Check out bill or william coopers material. He was shot november 2001.Alternative 3 was a document he saw while in the service. Alternative 1 man made natural disaster, terrorism and 3rd alien invasion. For a while he believed they were conditioning us for aliens, but in 1997 he wrote on his webpage he believed it would be terrorism and he said it would be 2001. Now he is dead. I tend to believe the people who are murdered for what they say.If they’re still living be cautious of what they. Of course some are left alive because of their popularity and the backlash they might receive. They, of course are the wealthy in certain circles of thought. Some of these people believe they are GODS chosen to inherit the earth and seem to have no problem bringing it about themselves. Manifest destiny some would say. I think the overall attitude is make as much money as possible while at the same time killing off populations in the process, win win for some. You or I might not think population control is important, but if you look into it it’s hard not to see unless your eyes are closed.

  12. truthshallsetyoufree | Reply

    The amount of information on this and other topics is virtually endless. The phrase NEW WORLD ORDER which was used by hitler and bush senior and is on the back of the american 1$ bill is among major disscusions. NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM when translated from latin means new or revived or even revised depending how its implied. Ordo means (order) and seclorum is (of the ages). I lean towards revived or revised since the latin on the 1$ bill says it all. I’m pretty sure the major colonization of north america was a combination of british, scottish, irish, french and african, the later of course not by free will. What’s the latin there for. Again if you look at history you see the romans invaded the celtish lands and influenced heavily current political systems. Certain circles are always proclaiming how civilized rome was. Depending on what you know they were’nt so civil. Unless you call ramming your culture down someones throat civil. Truth is essential for us, without it we are doomed. Education is important . For example, kids are taught at a young age that columbus first sailed to north america. Anyone with even a slight interest in history should know that this is false. Why it’s still being taught is another topic. Darwinism and its race implications is another. From my research, if you believe darwinism the next step is which race is more evolved which is what helped fuel slavery. Darwins ideas are not new, they’re old. As old as rome itself and even older. A newer idea is that the earth is round not flat. Which logic,commonsense and gut feeling tell me are true. The only truth in evolution is adaptation which isn’t the same. The so called educated term for adaptation is micro-evolution. Fancy term for adaptation. In fact there is only one race and that is human. Everything else that appears to make us look different is environment. If you look at how evolution was introduced into western education or the proof presented you find it was disproved a year later. In fact many so called proofs brought forward by evolutionists in the past were proved fake presentations. I love talking on these subjects as you can probably see. Look forward to any comments. Anything I have said should not be taken as demeaning, that is not my intent. I am only after the truth. A worthy pursuit. My comments on evolution hopefully have not offended anyone, for I know it is not only a science but a religion. The reason I know it’s a religion is because god has been taken out of the public school system yet darwinism has not. There’s no physical proof of either 1, yet evolution survives. If you ask most evolutionists how everything started most will say it was a small dot of matter no bigger than a period in a sentence. It then exploded into what you see today. The next logical question is what created the dot of matter, to which they have no answer. Anyway I’ll stop typing and end it, it’s just nice to be able to voice your thoughts in some way, in some medium.

  13. I have seen the video lectures of William Cooper and Phil Schneider and some other staffs about malevolent aliens beings on earth. They say these aliens are responsible for the kidnapping, torturing and feasting of human men, women, children and elderlies. They even sexually assault and perfrom experiment on us…gosh….IS THIS FOR REAL?!! I mean this people whom have given the lectures are all killed…maybe it is real…or fake to shut them up and keep them from apologising for telling this big lie…then again, if this alien thing is for real.. I am like…WE MUST KILL THEM!!!!


    EDUCATE MANKIND ABOUT THEM!! AND HABITUALISE TO THE WAY THEY LOOK SO WHEN WE SEE THEM WE WILL NOT BE FEARFUL BUT RATHER SEE THEM AS HOW WE NOW SEE SNAKES, CROCODILES, SHARKS, COCKROACHES AND PESTS!!! PESTS TO BE EXTERMINATED!!!! We may fear crocodiles and sharks but with the right weapon and protection with technologies, we can kill them easily and use them for food even..well, they are carnivorous, cannibalistic and evil in nature (if you know how they kill and devour their victim), so I don’t feel bad eating these bastards.


    Stupid ugly grays with their big heads and smelly reptilians…maybe we should all stop eating earthly mammals (the peaceful and herbivorous one) but rather use these aliens as food. You know, like capture and kill these reptilian and grays and cut them up. Prepare steaks or stocks from their carcasses..yea, oh wait, we must sterilise those stinky meats and add organic nutrients and minerals first before cooking – using their technologies. Hmmm. yes..hahahhaa! We can eat them and make money from selling their meats and using their technologies!!! Long live the beautiful superior humanoid mammalian being!!!!

    (P.S. I don’t care what some animal lovers will say about sharks and crocodiles…any beings that post a serious threat in the form of painful and horrible death to humanity MUST DIE!!! Who knows, these carnivorous cannibalistic crazy creatures may have been genetically engineered and put on earth by these aliens to cause fears and pose dangers to humanity. But of course, when we kill them, we kill them humanely. Just a one shot or taser laser knock out kill and that’s it. No toying around with preys, victims or torturing. Clean and easy. Then just send their carcasses to our exalted butchers.)

    1. G, the greys must be exterminated. Track them, guerilla warfare kill them when theyre collecting samples outside of their ships, chop off their heads immediatley after shooting them and call the CIA to collect a free alien ship.

      Greys look down upon us, they steal our blood samples/DNA and clone hybrid soldiers. This must end. They must be killed without a second glance, and without mercy. Their evil and have evil plans. Patience determination and quickness. This hate is not without cause they started this

      We can not do this alone. We need the governments help. Loyalty and secrecy until death if thats what it takes to just kil 1 grey

  14. Think there is a special place where they train you (not brain-washing or some mind control shits with robotic and EMF craps), equip you with the right weapons, technologies, teach you all about them and how to kill those bastards (grays, reptilian and malevolent aliens)?

  15. Wow. Pretty angry about the ‘grays?’

    Seriously. Are you an abductee?

    I am not the one to council you on this, but I can suggest links if you want.

    As for killing them, I have a feeling that they have ways of protecting themselves very well, things that make our weapons seem like rocks and slings.

  16. Us satanists have a wholistic explaination of things that fits together piece by peice. I can give links if needed. All it takes is an open mind and willingness to dig deap and study. I have been studying the connection of these theories for ten years and it seems that the greys are after the serpent of knowledge which also corresponds with the kundalini awakenings. They want to advance their race with the dormant and mysterious but very powerful 95 percent of our DNA which is linked with higher states of consciousness, ESP, and other psychokinetic abilities. They are believed to wish to eventually ascend to the point of immortality which is something that they are incapable of at the moment. Research the terms and everything that is stated to the very last detail, peace

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