Daily Archives: June 18th, 2007

The Final 2007 Bilderberg Report

The Bilderberg 2007 Report written by American Free Press reporter James Tucker Jr. is finally in the can and ready for public perusal.

As we (my fellow tinfoilers and I) have suspected, Bu$h after receiving his marching orders from Henry Kissinger (a senior Bilderberg) relayed said orders to the G8 two weeks ago, just a week after the Bildeberg gathering.

As you can see, Bu$h had to relent on a couple of things, but the Bilderbergs are angry about the timetable of world government has been severely slowed down by nationalist activists (gee, I wonder who those people are?) in both Europe and America.

The NWO plan has been slowed to a certain extent. Can we keep up the pressure?

Bilderberg 2007 Report