Daily Archives: June 19th, 2007

OOPart Tinfoil

I was banging my head against the wall this morning trying to come up with a good tinfoil post that I haven’t covered yet. It wasn’t exactly writer’s block, I just wanted to do something different. And trying to find an item to post without actually the theme directly, or indirectly tied to the nefarious New World Order is hard work, given that they have their slimy tentacles intertwined thoroughly in everybody’s business.

Then I came across a link on my friend The Uber Highwayman ‘s site concerning OOParts . OOPart is an acronym for out-of-place artifact. There are quite a few items, or instances of OOParts:

(These examples are from Wikipedia by the way)

Known societies

Unknown societies or with extreme ages

There are instances of out of place archaeology also.  See links below:

I haven’t checked these all out yet, but I think I’ll do that after I post this particular piece of tinfoil information. Have fun!