NAU and NWO Updates from Prison Planet

North American Union Updates (NAU):

Lying To America

Federal bill would rob poor, benefit corporations

White House prepared to open U.S. air routes to Canada, Mexico

Who voted yes and who voted no on the amnesty bill?

Bush calls Immigration Bill ‘Amnesty’

US Army Pushes For Amnesty Bill Fast Track So It Can Recruit Illegal Aliens

New World Order Updates (NWO): 

New documents link Kissinger to two 1970s coups

Planet of the slums: UN warns urban populations set to double

Along with matching Pentagon 50Year Plan:

EU backs anti-terror deal with U.S. on bank data

This is the last of ol’ dad’s postings for a while, maybe a day or two, doctor’s orders to cut down on computer screen flashings and all. Might be aggravating the epilepsy he says. Who knows. Just comment away on my rants if you want. If anybody has other good info on the NAU or NWO, pass it on to Uber Highwayman or link to here. Cheers.

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  1. Getting a little fried too, not good for short-circuiting gray matter.

    Have fun.

  2. Thanks Dad…If it’s not fun I won’t do it. After my bout with the Oregon Health Sciences, I quit my occupation in land surveying, and went into the antiques business. I did that for fifteen years with the “if it’s not fun don’t do it” philosophy and liked every minute of it. It was like being retired but now I am retired from that…Anyways, that’s why I’m doing this instead of ranting at the idologues on the telly.

    What a ludicrous concept the Cons are proposing with the NAU. If we shumans don’t have a green spot of our own…A private spot without the vibes of the NWO or we could lose our self esteem, such as it is. This country along with many other places on the planet has lost touch with our tribal and local identity, and is beginning to look more like Maltomeal than bacon & eggs with home baked bread.

    We have too much centralization now and the NAU is a giant step backwards to anyone who prefers grass roots and a strong state government…G:

  3. Lots of great links here on this story! Thanks! 😉

    Enjoy your time away from the ‘puter!

  4. Uber Highwayman | Reply

    Yeah… good rest… you old jar-head!


  5. Thanks for all the great and mostly hidden info you provide. Rest Friend…we’ll all be here when you are feeling better

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