Roswell, Aliens and the NWO

We’ve discussed Roswell and the government’s involvement, uninvolvement or nonincident as they claim before. But as the 60th anniversary of the Roswell story looms, interest once again is piqued. The official government claim that was made in 1995, and thusly proclaimed “the final story” is that the crash was from experimental balloons, which is where the “silvery material” comes in, and the “crash-test dummies” were the “aliens” that the soldiers saw.

Okay, I could buy that, being this was the beginning experiments of the early space program and the period being “The Cold War” and all. But the government changed the “story” so many times over the years and adding the CIA to the mix with its history of disinformation and all leaves reasonable doubt about the credibility of the U.S. government’s “official” story.

Look at this clip of a movie shot right after the Airforce recovered the “bodies” from the crash site and tell me if high ranking officers would be so excited over crash test dummies, especially one guy who comes rushing in. The quality of the clip is poor, but you can see the “body” in a couple of good glimpses:

The documentary itself, posted on was recent and made on June 26, 2007. It has four parts with interviews of the people who were actually there at the site, or the are relatives who heard the story from the source.

Also here is some history about the Alien Autopsy Film (which might have something to do with the above film clip) that was broadcast in 1995 and later debunked. According to the author, a real movie might exist, but the one that was sold to the network didn’t jive with actual eyewitnesses:

The final method of authenticating a document is by outside references. Does the new find explain old questions? Does it fit with the evidence given by other witnesses? Hitler’s surviving confidants were adamant the Nazi leader did not keep a personal diary. In the case of the Roswell Incident, the testimony of those who claim to have seen saucer wreckage and alien corpses does not tally with the images on Santilli’s film. The Roswell witnesses said the dead ETs had four fingers on each hand, not six. They were little more than three feet tall, not over five feet. The Roswell aliens were spindly creatures without the robust build of the things photographed by the elusive Jack Barnett.

June Crain, a secretary with a top security clearance at Wright-Patterson Airforce Base also was a very credible witness to the Roswell story. Her story is here.

The U.S. government will never come clean on Roswell, there’s been too many cover-ups, CIA disinformation psy-ops and eyewitnesses that were there are dying. Scientists claim that the discovery of extraterrestrial intelligence would be the greatest moment in human history, why would the government cover such a thing up? Control for one thing. If people realized that they weren’t alone in the Cosmos, they would be more apt to try to get along together, among the secular crowd anyway. The world religions would suffer and would likely implode, unless the aliens prove to be supernatural or some such thing. In that case, I would invoke Clarke’s Third Law that states, “…any sufficiently advanced culture (technology) would seem magical to us…”. As long as knowledge of extraterrestrials are kept secret, the NWO can keep control through ignorance.

But maybe the NWO is subservient to the aliens already? What if we’ve already been sold into servitude? That would be a real good reason to keep it shut up. My buddy Uber Highwayman would dispute this theory, saying the NWO actually is subservient to Lucifer, an even more wackier tinfoil theory he would say. But as I asked the question over 30 years ago, “What if God was an alien?” and entered that strange land of tinfoil madness, I ask again, “Do we worship super-beings that claim god-like powers?”. And are we their property? Tinfoil for further study? You bet. I haven’t had my question answered to my satisfaction yet.

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  1. The thing I find puzzling is that the alien(s) in both the “real” and the “debunked” clip is that they look astonishing human, except for the genital areas and other minor details. Why is that?

    We’ve been taught that extraterrestrials wouldn’t even come close to looking human, even if they come from an “Earth-like” planet. Evolution would take a totally different path they say.

    Which begs the question(s): Are these aliens from our “future”? Are we results from their “experiments”? Are these just “avatars” for the real “powers”? Are we the result of “evolution” and “uplift”?

    Questions, questions and more questions!

  2. Great footage.

    I saw a program on A&E a few years ago about Roswell and they interviewed the surviving kids of various people at the recovery site and at a hospital where one of the still-living “crash test dummies was taken.

    The military guys — always loyal to the red, white and blue, agreed to keep the secret of what they saw but toward the end of their lives, as old age approached, these men started talking and talking and talking.

    There’s no question an alien ship crashed at Roswell and the ship at several alien life forms on-board. At one of the visitors was alive for a short time after being taken to the hospital.

    I have read various reports that the debris of the alien ship is at Dreamland in Nevada. When I traveled there, I had this wild fantasy of sneaking onto the base and seeing the alien craft up close, but naturally, that is impossible.

    One thing I think the government gleened from the alien ship is certain technology the military reengineered for use in today’s military aircraft.

    The B-2 bomber is one:

    Also, I suspect nanotechnology is reengineered.

    These advances represented the “great, leap forward” that was out of sink with the normal technological timeline. Just my opinion, of course.

  3. Especially nanotech. That is some stuff that is really useful and could get the world out of this global warming/Peak Oil scenario.

    But that isn’t in the NWO’s interest. Poverty and servitude is in their interest and the “good” stuff is only for them.


  4. Jamie Bergman

    I Googled for something completely different, but found your page…and have to say thanks. nice read.

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