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In solidarity with Liberally Mirth, I’m endorsing the Clean House In ’08 Initiative. Even though I believe the NWO has corrupted every section of government and other governments of the planet, the preservation of Democracy is paramount and this plan helps fight the NWO beast.

As jaded as I am, I have been voting in past elections and will continue to vote in future ones, if possible. I do this because I am a U.S. Marine Corps veteran and a father, and as a father, I believe in practicing what you preach to set an example to your children, no matter if they’re adults or not.

An attempt to stop the Beast is better than doing nothing. Especially when the cause is just.

Clean House ‘08

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  1. More later, in and out today, work that is.

  2. Uber Highwayman | Reply

    Any cooperative action taken with Providence is beneficial, in my view. To quote the great apostle in Ephesians 6:12:

    “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.”

    That may seem out of place here in a science forum, but what is science other than a revelation of it’s Creator? Our elitist enemies are spiritualistic, and openly recognize THEIR primary enemy as God, certainly not us, whom they trample upon at will.

    “One nation under God” It was the refuge of our forefathers, and must be for us, once again.

  3. St. Thomas Aquinas would’ve loved you UH.

    That was his take on melding Greek and Roman thought with Christianity.

    It kind of fell out of favor during the Reformation though.

    But that was because the Catholic Church practiced “indulgences”.

    And regular folk didn’t like that much.

  4. Uber Highwayman | Reply

    Indulgences and other things!

    I don’t equate what Catholicism practiced with Bible theology. What the hierarchy practiced then was the same as we have now in both secular and ecumenical government: Totalitarianism.

    The reformers were persecuted for teaching practical godliness, and displayed the benevolent character of their God, whereas the hierarchy were simply in it for themselves, much like a lot of professed followers of God are today.

    At the highest levels, the elitists make no such claim, and are avowed Pagans. Bohemian Grove stands as testimony to that fact. America was supposed to be a refuge from all forms of tyranny, and it has been under attack almost from the beginning by socialist and atheist forces. It would appear that they are winning, what with our inalienable rights and freedoms slowly being eroded. The only refuge left is with the God that nobody wants, thinking themselves too enlightened and modernized for such archaic thinking. Their hope is in human effort, and to that, and given our ‘progress’ in the last few thousand years, I would ask this question: Is it working for you, folks? Forgive me… I don’t see much if any progress made, sociologically or morally, and morals are something we all aspire to, atheist and believer alike. If we have evolved socially and morally, why then do we have a corrupt oligarchy striving to enslave the planet?

    In the end, the religious aspect of all of this will be made very plain.

  5. Uber Highwayman | Reply

    Anyway, the NWO bastards HATE publicity, preferring to have their stooges like Bush take all of the heat.

    If we could get some of those cretins (the stooges) to roll over and start squealing, that’d shed some light under the rock the big roaches hide under. They’d be scurrying for cover like the vermin they are! Their success depends on their anonymity.

  6. Bu$hboy won’t roll over for them, he thinks he can be “ee-leetist” too when his job of destroying the US is finished.

    He thinks his “Poppy” will make sure of that.

    Yeah, right!

  7. Glad to see your support for the cause dad. It’s still a work in progress and some refinement is in order but we’re off to a good start thanks in no small part to the likes of you, UH and many of our other fine shared readers. 🙂

  8. We have been a neglectful generation. The work of change, no matter how slim the chance of success, and the vigilance of it will fall to our children and their children and on and on, but we have the duty to begin it.

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