Commercial Uses For UFO Technology

A certain part of the U.S. Government, be it CIA, NSA, Pentagon or whatever has been engaged in reverse-engineering UFO tech for decades, every good tinfoiler and conspiracy enthusiast knows this. People who have claimed to work on such projects who step forward are ridiculed, black-balled from employment and are followed by mysterious people (the fictional “men in black”). To say the least, their credibility is often taken to task.

A person who went by the name “Isaac” sent an email with attachments to George Noory’s Coast to  Coast AM radio program concerning sightings that occurred in California and the Lake Tahoe areas recently:

Here is the brief introduction. I’m using the alias Isaac, and used to work in what was called the CARET program in the 80’s. During my time there, I worked with a lot of the technology that is clearly at work in the recent drone/strange craft sightings, most notably the “language” and diagrams seen on the underside of each craft. What follows is a lengthy letter about who I am, what I know, and what these sightings are (probably) all about.

The appearance of these photos has convinced me to release at least some of the numerous photographs and photocopied documents I still possess some 20 years later that can explain a great deal about these sightings. On this site you will find some of these. They are available as high resolution scans that I am giving away free, PROVIDED THEY ARE NOT MODIFIED IN ANY WAY AND ARE KEPT TOGETHER ALONG WITH THIS WRITTEN MATERIAL.

I am also trying to get in touch with the witnesses so far, such as Chad, Rajman, Jenna, Ty, and the Lake Tahoe witness (especially Chad). I have advice for them that may be somewhat helpful in dealing with what they’ve seen and what I would recommend they do with what they know. If you are one of these witnesses, or can put me in touch with them, please contact Coast to Coast AM and let them know.

CARET is short for Commercial Applications Research for Extraterrestrial Technology. Isaac was involved with the program during the second St. Ronnie Raygun administration and according to what he says, the job was a bitch and it burned you out. He claims not to want any fame or glory out of this stuff he sent, he just wants a clear conscience before “he meets his maker”. Interesting article, please read it all and judge for yourself whether Isaac is for real. I think he just might be on the level.

(Original Article)

Here’s some teaser stuff:

UFO Caught on Camera: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7  


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  1. Isaac says that these aliens could’ve destroyed us a long time ago if they wanted. I believe that. We’re like Homo Erectus trying to figure out how a jet engine works when it comes to UFO tech.

    Apparently we’ve made strides since the ’80s.

  2. I’m convinced reengineering or reverse engineering technology is how we developed the B-2 bomber.

  3. The B-2 certainly looks like it could’ve been, but it’s old tech now, just like the SR-71 Blackbird was old tech when it finally became public. The B-2 is a direct descendant of the SR-71, which was actually designed in the 1950s. The radar-proof skins of both aircraft could’ve been the result of reverse engineering, but the Nazis were designing such things in the ’40s. Could the Nazis have been reverse engineering UFO tech? Maybe. There has been evidence of experimentation in antigravity in the ruins of old Nazi labs, elevated launch pads and heavy conduit placements.

    When the Nazi scientists came to the US, the feds kept them out of the public eye for the first 8 months they were here according to June Crain, an executive secretary who had a top security clearance. She claims the feds had them work on alien tech. Her story is here:

    I think the Nazis were researching UFO tech before we were, we just happened to be lucky time ran out on them before they developed some awesome weapons and aircraft. As it was, they were years ahead of everyone else.

    We took the infectious disease of Nazism and Bavarian Illuminati into our bosom so we could rule the world. But I think the aliens are still here and they’re waiting to see if the NWO can pull off a world government. Hell, they probably answer to them, ala X-Files style.

  4. Interesting stuff dad. Joe Capp is spot-on about June Crain. She was there and she took dictation. One thing that I learned from my years in the antique biz is that documentation is the most important thing in defining the object. A diary is the best history and a good photograph is worth a thousand words. Anyone who tampers with a diary or a photograph of any kind is changing what is known, but not the history. What she says sounds pretty viable to me, but any of the documents that she wrote on the subject would be a gold mine, even as a collectible.

    I agree about thinking the aliens are still here. Probably allways have been and allways will be. If they have been in contact with the government, or should I say shadow government, it will have to be a big secret because of the greed factor. I have read about Dulce, but the whole thing is pretty hard to digest. However the more I see of Bu$h & Co. the more I wonder if their’s a little tin foil going on there too.

  5. Uber Highwayman | Reply

    I looked over the entire article, and I seem to recognize something in the way “Isaac” described the “language” as having it’s own inherent animation.

    A sci-fi novel I once read (the title escapes me now) described an alien vessel that was of “seamless” design, and inside had writing on the walls that seemed to have a ‘life’ all it’s own… effectually, the vessel was, itself, a living organism.

    I remember Babylon-5’s “Vorlons” as possessing ‘living’ spacecraft, too. Now, whether our author derived his inspiration from these or similar works, or vice verse, is a matter I can only speculate at this time. I do believe the government has technology they’re not sharing with us, and have my own views on where they got it, and like” Isaac” mentioned, view Noory’s “Coast To Coast” as great “entertainment” overall. Nevertheless, I also believe from time to time that Noory does get a guest with some legitimacy in fact. Whether Isaac is one of those… I’ll give 50/50 odds at this stage.

    Interesting read, though!

  6. Good stuff! 🙂

    Have you read much about the Phoenix sitings?

  7. From what I understand, the material the language is written on is the “machine” so to speak. The material substrate is a real mystery. All they know is that the symbols act as a programming language that “tells” that material what to, if it’s exposed to a certain “field”. Isaac never clarified what kind of field is used, I’m assuming electromagnetic, but I’m wrong 50% of the time (LOL!). Is it a hoax? Dunno. But like Christopher said at one time is that all of these people who were at Roswell and worked on black projects at the DoD during the 50s and 60s are coming out with these “pre-death bed” pronouncements with little to gain for personal reasons other than piece of mind. I find that pretty suspicious.

    Suzie: No, I haven’t read much about the Phoenix sitings, but I’ve seen some specials on the tube about it. The funny thing about these Southwestern U.S. sitings is their close proximity to Roswell, from Southern California to Texas, the whole area is awash with sightings. Group hysteria? CIA programming? Questions abound!

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