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The Hutchinson Effect

John Hutchinson is a mad scientist in the classical mode. He has long hair, wears glasses (probably due to middle age) , tall, thin, in need of money (who isn’t) and has an apartment full of various electronic junk cobbed together. And he is the discoverer of the Hutchison Effect. Basically the effect is an intense electromagnetic field that cancels out gravity within its affected area. And it runs on very little power, it only takes 75 watts of electricity, just what a standard light bulb takes. The trouble is, it’s unstable and unpredictable. Here is a description of the Effect:

The Hutchison Effect occurs as the result of radio wave
interferences in a zone of spatial volume encompassed by high
voltage sources, usually a Van de Graff generator, and two or
more Tesla coils.
The effects produced include levitation of heavy objects,
fusion of dissimilar materials such as metal and wood (exactly
as portrayed in the movie, “The Philadelphia Experiment”), the
anomalous heating of metals without burning adjacent material,
spontaneous fracturing of metals (which separate by sliding in
a sideways fashion), and both temporary and permanent changes
in the crystalline structure and physical properties of metals.
The levitation of heavy objects by the Hutchison Effect
is not—repeat not—the result of simple electrostatic or
electromagnetic levitation. Claims that these forces alone
can explain the phenomenon are patently ridiculous, and easily
disproved by merely trying to use such methods to duplicate
what the Hutchison Effect has achieved, which has been well
documented both on film and videotape, and has been witnessed
many times by numerous credentialed scientists and engineers.
Challengers should note that their apparatus must be limited
to the use of 75 Watts of power from a 120 Volt AC outlet, as
that is all that is used by Hutchison’s apparatus to levitate
a 60-pound cannon ball.
The fusion of dissimilar materials, which is exceedingly
remarkable, indicates clearly that the Hutchison Effect has a
powerful influence on Van der Waals forces. In a striking and
baffling contradiction, dissimilar substances can simply “come
together,” yet the individual substances do not dissociate. A
block of wood can simply “sink into” a metal bar, yet neither
the metal bar nor the block of wood come apart. Also, there
is no evidence of displacement, such as would occur if, for
example, one were to sink a stone into a bowl of water.

I find the use of Tesla Tech interesting. Obviously Hutchinson knows quite a bit about Tesla’s inventions since he uses them often (Race To Zero Point Energy (Windows Media Player)).

What I find interesting about this is that while some scientists claim Hutchinson is a fraud, the Canadian Government raided his apartment after paying off a partner (George Liscazis) 70 million dollars when he was in Germany and took all of his equipment. Hmmm, if it’s a fraud, how come the government is interested?

The New World Order is determined to steal everything that can benefit all of humanity in order to keep the world under their collective thumbs. By restricting technology that we’re supposed to have in the 21st century, things like antigravity, renewable and unlimited energy, star travel and eliminated wants. Instead we have wars, space probes using “putt-putt” chemical rockets, smog, global warming and starvation. All in the name of uncontrolled power and greed. Mankind deserves better. Human beings are certainly flawed creatures, but we don’t deserve the things that could help us be taken from us either all in the name of Global Dominion.




Video Of Hutchinson Effect