Daily Archives: July 17th, 2007

More Multiverse Motivation

Once again we dive into esoteric science that is well timed to drive us mad, and stretch our imaginations.

The multiverse theories are tied to string theory, which is the material universe is made up of “strings” vibrating simultaneously in ten dimensions (this ought to make geezer-dude happy) . So far, we know that only this Universe supports life, because simply for the fact that we exist. But physicist Roni Harnik believes other Universes can support life:

Harnik argues that there will be countless more universes with myriad properties different from our own. By varying just one property, cosmologists have been too conservative. Harnik, Kribs and Perez decided to highlight this flaw in anthropic reasoning by taking a radical measure: they switched off the weak nuclear force, one of the four fundamental forces in nature. In practice, this means changing a multitude of parameters and constants simultaneously.

The weak force is responsible for the radioactive beta decay of atomic nuclei and is considered essential for a complex universe like ours. Take it away, and you might expect the “weakless” universe to be wildly different from our own.

Only Harnik, Kribs and Perez have discovered it isn’t. They considered what would happen to crucial processes in the history of the universe – the forging of elements in the big bang, the powering of stars and supernovae explosions. By examining the equations that describe these processes, they made an astonishing discovery: the weakless universe is still capable of supporting observers.

By supporting observers he means life forms or its equivalent observing their Universe. This is quite a leap in the favor of the multiverse idea that even a universe that has one less (or more?) property is capable of forming intelligence. My Other Universe Is A Porsche